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ip addresses?

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i'd like to try the online mode of RDR2 but i dont want sony to spy on me. the obvious solution is a firewall but i need to know the IP addresses or domain names of sony's servers (so that i can block access to them) and R*'s servers (so i can allow my PS4 to contact them). has anyone found out those domain names or IP addresses?

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I don't think that's going to work out for you - I strongly suspect that you'll need to log into the PlayStation Network in order for you to place RDO.

I'm not sure what your concerns are about Sony's privacy policy, but it's likely that out of the 1!0+ million users, Sony isn't really interested in you.

If you could describe what concerns you have, we might be able to answer them - although there are probably more informed experts on other forums.

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We addressed this with Harry in another thread but yeah, he needs to have a PSN account to play RDO.  

There are ways I believe he could mask his IP on the PS4 but the question is, to what end? He still needs to establish and account with Sony, agree to terms he doesn't want to with R* and SIE, etc.  

I also informed him that most online games will require a PSN account so unless he can come to terms with that, he will have to stick with SP titles that are offline only.  

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