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hedgehogs in RDR2?


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I haven't seen one that I know of, but I do still have a couple empty slots in my animal compendium.

Edit: I just went through the animal listing in my strategy guide (hardcover collector's edition, because that's how I roll, bitches) and there are no hedgehogs listed.

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The comment here is 

"Allan Forbes1 week ago

"Please state relative bearing" "I think it was the mother" As soon as you said your mate hit a hedgehog at 2000ft, all the Red Dead 2 players knew how it got there."
This isn't a reference to hedgehogs in RDR2, I believe it's just a comment on things in general flying (glitching) into the air in RDR2 (just search "RDR2 flying glitch" or similar).
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