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So, take a read.

At 2:51 AM on the 18th, the power company shut off electricity in the area for a "public safety" power shutoff, leaving me with no heat in 30-degree (F) nights for two days. It got as low as 48 degrees in the house and we didn't have enough blankets to keep warm. Then I looked at the forecast and saw snow coming that Friday. **** me. So I called my sister and she told me to come and stay with her and rented the resident family members a motel, but I unfortunately had to leave my two cats at my freezing house (they're okay, don't worry). And since I was due to go on vacation to Idaho with my sister on the 21st to visit extended family, we headed there.

Vacation was fine. We shot some guns, saw some archeological sights, stuff like that, while the power outage was rectified at home due to the snow. So we boarded our plane and headed home. Everything was fine for the most part except I started developing a scratchy throat. Nothing painful, but I'd been out in the cold a lot in the three days I was there, so I didn't think anything of it.

So, we land back in California and on the drive home get a phone call from said extended family. The morning we left, every single one of them tested positive for Covid. **** me sideways. So now I have to quarantine and a family member agrees to help me out with food and stuff since I can't touch anything in the kitchen right now. After a couple hour drive, we get home and I head directly for my bedroom. About ten minutes later, I ask my family member to go out to the car and get some disinfectant wipes that were left in the car. First thing I ask since arriving home and what's her response? To complain about having to put on shoes and tell me to do it myself while she sits on her ass playing a game on her phone and watching my Netflix.

Wonderful. ūüėí

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No fireplace?  Been pretty cold here lately where I'm at in So CA as well.  Luckily, the areas that get their power cut due to high winds, etc. are on the outskirts of our small city where fire danger is more of an issue.

Sorry to hear about the family and the potential of you being infected too.  .....also sad to hear of a family member treating you like that.  I'm lucky that all of mine would bend over backward for each other and always have.  

I hope you're not sick and if so, that you get well quickly.  I haven't seen my sister or Dad in about a year. My sis takes care of my father in a way by delivering items and such so we really don't want to take a risk by being around either of them.  Luckily, I still see my brother from time to time since he lives just a few blocks away.  

....hoping things will change soon.  

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My wife and I are both over 70 and have take care of my father-in-law who is 91 and lives on his own in a separate residence. My sister-in-law and husband share in that. They are both retired and take a share and keeping us all from going nuts. We keep a tight circle because none of us want to be responsible for killing each other.

It gets pretty tough sometimes. They cant see their young grand kids because its just to risky.  Before covid, they were in contact with these kids for 12 hrs a day while the parents worked. That stopped abruptly when "herd immunity" became popular and covid was determined a hoax and ...........

I am old, anti-social b*stard, so social distancing is right in my wheelhouse. But my wife isn't. It was a real kick in the nuts when we couldn't attend our only kids wedding. It wasnt because we have some effed up family dynamics going on, it was because she is high risk, laid off because covid and health insurance was an issue. The wedding plans were blown to hell and we all swallowed one big lump. Because they live in another state, we havent seen each other in 2 years. 

Get well soon.

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I've been able to get rid of the headaches and body aches and the chills have stopped. Those are what were making me feel so miserable (and caused me to almost wreck my car on the way home from getting tested yesterday). Now I just have a cough and a scratchy throat, both of which are tolerable. Temperature meanwhile is down from 100.4 yesterday to 99.1 today. I'm beginning to think I just have a cold or the flu (I was out in the cold a lot while in Idaho), since my mom who has had her flu shot for this year isn't showing any symptoms despite being in close proximity to me for a two hour car drive.

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Yeah....  Some folks forget that there are still all those other viruses, illnesses we are all still vulnerable against.  Hell, I even thought I might have caught it a few months ago when I suddenly had a temperature of over 100 and symptoms that could have been related to it.  I was pooping bricks as I have a history of lung problems and was just getting over a flu, sinus infection and pneumonia when this all started.   With my pulmonologist's help, I got through it but he told me I really can't afford to get this virus right now.  I was puzzled as we had been super cautious and avoiding people.

Turns out it appears to have been a sinus infection as I also have been recovering from sinus surgery.   Luckily I had a couple boxes of Medrol packs on hand so I started taking one. ....got online with the local urgent care and got some antibiotics which all started working within a day.  

Even with the virus most only see typical flu-like symptoms anyhow.  In fact, my wife and I had been wondering if what we had in Dec '19 might have been this as we started seeing similar stories about it.  ....who knows.

Anyhow, glad to hear you're on the mend.  Stay safe.....get healthy.    

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Well, turned out I do have COVID and I've been isolated in an area without phone service or Wifi since Saturday. But today my phone sprang to life with one bar and just a little bit ago I found a working hotspot that I was able to connect to.

I seem to be getting over it now. I still have a mild cough and my restless leg syndrome has been in overdrive since last night, but most of the other symptoms have stopped mostly or entirely.

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