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News? Hobby Consolas' review


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Red Dead Redemption II is the cover story in Spanish gaming magazine, Hobby Consolas this month. Someone on reddit posted some translated factoids for us from the article, written by press that attended a preview. Most of which we have already learned but there's one or two surprises on there. Check it out!



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2 hours ago, #SadCowboy said:

Looks good. I bet they will be selling these on eBay for a markup. I checked and the only place I see that sells it is on Kindle on Amazon. 

Not someone who reads magazines or cares for them but you can probably find one on eBay for under $10 after it comes out. I mean, if you really want a copy. 

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21 hours ago, VICKSUN said:

This is pretty cool! Do you think it will make it on any American gaming magazines in the next few months? I want to say RDR was on one or two of them when it came out. 

Like what? Game Informer? That is the only one I know of in the US. I know there are tons of other ones but it is the only one I ever had a subscription to but that was back in like 2007.

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