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No news on an upcoming gameplay video for this week?


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If there was some news we should've heard about it by now, unless they will just release the second gameplay suddenly with no heads up, or maybe news tomorrow and video released on Friday, I don't have knowledge on how R* usually release info or trailers, in-game content, etc. Can anyone inform me? I just expected to see more more or less a month after the first one. Which everyone is speculating so I've just been following their lead. 


Ignore this. 

They literally tweeted this image a few hours after I made this topic.


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21 minutes ago, Skrylaxx said:

Just saw this when I got come from work. Are they going to keep dropping random hints for us now? 

I kind of lol'd at "dresses smartly" 🤣

They have done this before. Just posting things on Twitter. It doesn't mean we shouldn't expect a video or information soon. I think the last few times they tweeted stuff, we got the trailers within a week or 2. 

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8 minutes ago, debbo89 said:

Rockstar have 'unpinned' their tweet for the gameplay trailer part 1. Could this mean we will get part 2 today/tomorrow? 

Good spot, there's a good chance of it after hearing that I believe, let's just sit here and hope.

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