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Time to preorder??????


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Based on my experience, you can preorder digital copies up to like an hour before the release date but you have to check your time zone. I am not sure if this rule has changed or not but I am almost certain you can preorder up until 11:59 PM before the actual release date.

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9 minutes ago, Lonestar said:

Just the treasure map I was talking about, referenced here. Looks like the date on my article is wrong, but either way there's no real bonus for preordering now. The reason I did is so that I could secure the cheaper US price from Amazon and not have to try and mess about with it on day of release. 

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hey im pre ordering this friday    (28th sept)


im going for the ultimate edition for (£89.99) and this is what i get i think its ok for the price


  • war house
  • outlaw survival kit
  • cash bonus for RDR2 story mode
  • and $2mill GTAO cash

and stats RDR2 ultimate exclusive story mode content also gets 

  • Bank robbery mission & gang hideout
  • dappled black thoroughbred
  • talisman & medallion cameplay bonuses
  • gameplay boosts, cash bonuses & discounts
  • the Nuevo paraiso gunslinger outfit


and for online it says 


  • Bonus outfits
  • rank bonuses
  • black chestnut thoroughbred
  • free access to the survivor camp theme

plus get free access to the additional weapsons in both story mode and online


this is from xbox live store and just thought id let u know thats what i am buying on this friday coming

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