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  1. woah, this is some left field shit! i highly, highly, doubt it. but you never know. maybe in an expansion of some sort (if we even get SP DLC).
  2. damn, I mean I would be surprised if this happened, but I guess you are right. also there is much less scope I feel with a Western than a modern day setting like GTA...
  3. This was posted to Reddit like 3 years ago and a lot of stuff they got right... Pretty incredible. There is still stuff that hasn't been announced yet in the image below, so don't read on if you want to avoid the spoliers...
  4. Man I was really hoping for something today. Maybe Thursday now... They owe fans something if they want to keep us as fans.
  5. Maybe there is more to this than we thought... https://www.rdr2.org/news/red-dead-redemption-2-expected-to-usher-in-record-year/
  6. @Looney Dan, all I can say is that your nickname suits you. I would most definitely eat gross things for even $1M though.
  7. Heck, kids these days can send 1,000 messages per day on FB etc. 400 in a month should be no probs lol
  8. You can only complain about something you have absolutely no control over for so long, everyone seems to have accepted it and moved on like you said. After the initial anger of course... I think things will go pretty darn quiet unless we get a decent amount of info next drop. Otherwise the anger will come back. We basically a year to go I think a lot of hype/air will deflate out of the balloon.
  9. Yeah I doubt they would hold back the release or push it forward just to hit the anniversary date too... surely they just want it out (100% finished) as quickly as possible. It is interesting that the date falls within the range though.
  10. E3 just one week away now... I am preparing myself for disappointment (nothing about RDR2). BUT... what if during the Sony pres they said something like "And now we'd like to talk about a special partnership that we have with Rockstar Games... but first here's a sneak peek at some gameplay footage of what we're talking about..." That would be awesome, but I don't expect it.
  11. I would be happy if they did this. The money system in GTA Online is fantastic. If you want a real grind, check out WOW. GTA Online is not too bad at all.
  12. lol, now I can laugh about this... at the time of the announcement, not so much!
  13. 100%, if online is crap then I will only buy the disc version and sell it after finishing the game. Rockstar would shoot themselves in the foot and I know they wouldn't do this though.
  14. The obvious thing would be to say it will affect it negatively, but you never know. Maybe him leaving forced other people to step up to the plate when they wouldn't have got a shot otherwise. Maybe they have some amazing ideas. If you want Red Dead Redemption 2 to be more like the original then maybe it would be better for him to be there. If not, then it's not a big deal he isn't. The original Red Dead Redemption fiasco was a long time ago and Rockstar has produced an absolute juggernaut in the form of GTA V since, we are in safe hands regardless.
  15. I vote May 18 2018, which is the day that Red Dead Redemption was released in 2010.
  16. Full cred to this guy at Reddit. Thought it was funny as hell.
  17. How about an El Presidente rank?
  18. Cowboy Beephop reminds me of that Rhino fella from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
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