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  1. After the Zombie Apocalypse DLC for Red Dead One. Rockstar decided to discontinue with story DLC. I remember reading an article where one of Rockstar's senior managers said story DLC was no longer viable or what they wanted to do. I think they realised they make more money from developing online content.
  2. Yeah create a routine for yourself I prefer St Denis area because I can hunt, fish and pick herbs. As well as do the odd mission. Usually make $100 an hour. Yeah I'm lvl 172 and have $17.5K in cash. So it can be done. One other thing watch what you buy. I wasted 5K in buying stuff I didn't need and later discarded. Namely horses and saddles. As well as camp site updates.
  3. Hunt in Lemoyne near St Denis. Gators are easy kills and pay ok. Lots of exotic birds as well.
  4. I think you have missed my point completely. My inference was what a ridiculous location to place a ranch. Where in game it is always covered in deep snow. I don't know where you live. But I live in New Zealand. I worked briefly for a race horse trainer here, we call them stables. I believe in the USA, for example they are also referred to as farms. For example Claiborne Farm is where the legendary Secretariat spent his career as a sire. I believe he was foaled at a place called Meadow Stables owned by the Chenery family. Ranch? You are very confused my friend. Go and do some research.
  5. A ranch is an area of land, including various structures. The practice of ranching, is the practice of raising grazing livestock such as cattle and sheep. For milk, meat or wool. I grew up on a farm / ranch
  6. Every time I try to do a stranger mission at the Adler ranch, two thirds into the mission. I'm sent back to the main screen because it has disconnected. I don't have that problem with any other stranger mission. Oh well how sad never mind. Oh and btw can anyone tell me what the Adler's are farming exactly? Snow? There is no livestock and you are knee deep in damn snow all the time. What was RS thinking?
  7. You sound like a griefer perhaps it is Karma.
  8. Yes it is something that happens from time to time. You just have to put up with it. Worse time is when you have almost completed a stranger mission then bang disconnect!
  9. I don't know if perfect pelts are possible (never had one) because it can take up to 5 shots to bring down animals on stranger hunt missions. I always aim for the head at a close range on horseback. Whether it's a bull gator, large wolf or grizzily bear. I use bolt action or lancaster repeater.
  10. In my opinion it is a waste of a bullet. Bullets are expensive.
  11. Never been a problem as the other posts have said turkeys, chickens and fish. Also don't forget rabbits and squirrels easy trampling prey. And if you want a real challenge try trampling alligators it can be done. Use a work horse or war horse. But it can be tricky.
  12. You should not lose pelts if you die. That should have been fixed.
  13. I would like to see the player have more control over where we place our camps. Instead of the camps just been randomly placed in an area we select. I would also like to see us have the option of moving it when we like. So when we log in the camp is still in the same location when we logged out. I am also hopeful that we can decorate our camp with trophies from hunting etc.
  14. I have been in lobbies on my own, in the past week lol.
  15. What would be really cool is the opportunity to own a motorcycle. I believe the first motorcycle was produced in 1885 in Germany. So it would fit in with the era of RDO.
  16. Will not happen. RS wouldn't make money. If it was implemented. It would also encourage some players to be lazy. Why grind when you can simply use someone else's stuff.
  17. Is your horse rank four. If not that will probably be why.
  18. True. But to be honest I'm not fussed what my avatars ass sits on lol. As long as it is worth the price I paid for it.
  19. Buy none of them. The saddle you want is the Nacogdoches. Costs a little over 500 bucks.
  20. Never without one is broken since it was nerfed. Ditto for slow and steady. I have both maxed. Try Paint It Black and Fight Another Day. Peak Condition, Strange medicine . Horseman and winning streak. It is ultimately finding the ability cards to suit your playing style.
  21. In a word NO! Explosive express rounds is better. Ditto with dynamite arrows.
  22. I hear the Shire is good in races specially with the right set up.
  23. If you are on PS4 invite me killing griefing scum is fun
  24. If you want speed, stamina and good handling then the Arabian is a good pick. Very jittery though freaks out at most things. Fox trotter is fast with good stamina. But dies easily. Jittery as well. Turkoman is a good all round horse for speed, health , stamina doesn't freak out. Shire horse is real tanky. Saddles/stirrups count as well for perks. Best way to go is experiment. Find out what best suits your play style. Asking other players can be good but most of the responses you will get are subjective. Is that helpful?
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