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  1. Some of the quests / missions have been buggy. That could be it. I just log out and back in again. Until it works.
  2. They are automatically placed in your inventory. Click on your satchel and go to your documents. I just read mine you cannot buy them.
  3. Don't forget Rathskellars Fork in New Austin. Although it is not a town it is more a private property.
  4. Thank goodness I am only focusing on one role at a time. Sounds bloody annoying lol. I don't need that after working a 10 hour day.
  5. They sit by your tent and look cute. They are camp guard dogs.
  6. Are you aware that you lose everything except your gold and cash?
  7. Log out then log back in you have to read the letter again.
  8. Yes I'm going trader as well. I can finally do something with my camp.
  9. That sounds interesting I live in NZ. If the update is for example 5 am PST Tuesday in the US, then we receive it 1 am Wednesday.
  10. Actually I hope they do open new caves or subterranean areas for the collector role. Not holding my breath though.
  11. Yes I have been playing since day one beta and on my RS social club I have the same zero stats. So I wouldn't worry about it. Let RS know that you have not received it.
  12. Cheers I have been playing online since day one and never tried this.
  13. Taking on an armed gang or bringing multiple targets to justice is made easier with the help of a Posse, who will all earn a cut of the final bounty. And keep in mind, bringing in targets alive will yield a greater reward. This is great. A good reason to join a posse now.
  14. I hear that players on xbox have to buy the butchers table for 15 gold, that sucks.
  15. The bounty hunter gear looks dope. Even the twirling of your guns looks cool.
  16. I would like to think so but I just don't know. Yes I will try them all as well. But I have decided to grind for the first month as a trader. To get to the top rank etc as soon as possible. Nice base to start from for the rest.
  17. As the title suggests. I am opting for Trader. Like the idea, of doing something with my camp. I have never used it. So I am happy I can now work on it. Love the idea of having a stew pot, a wagon and a dog! As well as a butchers table! I hope we can also decorate our camp like we could in story mode. The one downer is it will be called 'Cripps trading company' and you are a partner?? Something tells me I am going to end up shooting him.
  18. I get mine on a Wednesday afternoon when I am at work. The main thing, is now we know when it is going to drop, the wait is almost over.
  19. 'So has anyone come accross a good complete and detailed map of wolves spawning areas and hours ??? I already got good horses (Turkoman and Ardennes) but that is just not enough with more than 3 Wolves, lol' Dragon is right, Lemoyne is one area they do not spawn. That is where I hunt and fish mainly. Not sure if the horses you own are the best for fighting off wolves. A shire is a tank on four legs! I prefer the Black Arabian. Cos wolves always let you know when they are coming. The moment I hear that familiar howl I hit the gas on my Arabian put distance between me and the pack. Stop turn around and use a pistol (Lemat revolver). Head shot kills. Bolt Action Rifle is not the best. Use a revolver or pistol. No need for explosive ammo.
  20. Damn that is bloody impressive. Well done lol.
  21. When I did the first lot of daily challenges, it reset after day 28. So I didn't take the daily challenge seriously after that when I saw the payout for logging in everyday for a month.
  22. I'm thinking September. RS have stated they are taking their sweet time with this game and the DLCs. Apparently GTAO taught them a lot about adding content to a game online.
  23. Yes this crosses my mind whenever I kill buffalo or gators, condors, whatever. But this is a game that is all. Btw we kill people too.
  24. The viaduct bridge is a great place for sockeye salmon (standing on the rocks) then just a little further down Kamassa River towards Lagras, you get the steelhead trout.
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