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  1. Yeah I have been having the same blue screen crashes CE 34878-0. six in one evening so I switched to Destiny.
  2. The biggest payouts I have had from treasure maps were $165 and $163. That was 3 - 4 months ago. The latest was $132 a week ago.
  3. 75 bucks nice one. My luck, I have come up against players who know what they are doing lol. So its been up and down for me.
  4. Damn! I never realised you could get xp when fishing online. I guess my cores were always full.
  5. I don't think R* would mess up. What you received online seems to be the goods for the pre order. Have fun cowboy.
  6. Hey gunslingers who loves the poker games in RDO. Personally I think it rocks and playing against other players makes it challenging and fun. Cool that you can also play poker in five locations; St Denis, Blackwater, Flatneck Station, Valentine and Tumbleweed.
  7. Good question. I would assume they would pick up from where we left off. So it would be automatic.
  8. The game is too generic to be considered worthwhile to make.
  9. The best way to go, is never start a mission when there are other players in the vicinity. You are just asking to be killed and spoiling another player's mission is part of the game.
  10. I really enjoy those missions. Perhaps Scottyb9494 doesn't have a fast horse.
  11. My advice don't move your camp. The way the economy is in RDO now days. You are wasting cash that is hard and at times tedious to earn. I have spent $2600 on my camp and I never use it.
  12. You can find black currant in New Austin near Tumbleweed, Armadillo, Benedict Point.
  13. It is called "The curse of R*" But seriously are you sure it was money and not exp? If it was exp then you had completed an award.
  14. One of the games many bugs perhaps? Nice one, hitting the ton btw.
  15. RDO is a beta in name only. Anyone who would believe it is a true beta is fooling themselves. My belief is the online game was not ready. However R* put it out to take advantage of the success of the single player. The online mode should have been released six months later.
  16. I would go with "lip service" lol. Because they do not seem to be in a rush to fix it. When did they nerf hunting? Late February?
  17. Check out youtube there are some good guides there, from content creators. It's not that hard. The special lure is the best to use. Don't waste money buying bait from the old girl in Lagras lol.
  18. Lol that idea about the tripwire for horses imagine the mayhem!
  19. Good luck with that. Depending on where you are in the world. I believe with a parents consent any child can play an R rated game. They just cannot buy an R rated game if they are underage from a retail outlet.
  20. The trading system among players is a great idea. However it will never happen in an RS game. They are greedy it's all about the filthy lucre.
  21. I believe there is one the "Le Mat Revolver." Coming in this "Spring DLC." I am not sure whether I want to see more revolvers or repeating rifles, shotguns etc. I would like to see special or unique weapons. For example a crossbow, bull whip, swords, axes etc.
  22. No lol. Hence the nerf. But you get $6.50 for the whole perfect carcass. $3.90 for a good carcass.
  23. Lol congrats on passing rank 100. I'm confident RS will not wipe, imagine how players who have grind past 100 would react!
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