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  1. I have noticed this as well. When RS nerfed the hunting. This starting occurring, so I'm thinking it's deliberate. I suggest that you sell the small alligator whole, DON'T skin it. Unfortunately you cannot sell small alligator pelts anymore.
  2. I agree it was kinda pointless but a novelty all the same.
  3. Bahahaha yes an instant classic. Developers everywhere will talk deep into the night about this technical masterpiece. What about the writing? Amazing character arcs and no one will ever forget the Demon Cows.
  4. When you are playing RD online, check your character's player stats, it tells you how many days and hours you have been playing online.
  5. Are you aware that if you search every camp, every building, shack etc. You will collect enough food that you will never have to buy anything from a general store except ammo.
  6. For speed yes. Handles like a pig though. When you are in a gun fight with griefers, you have to keep pumping the horse with medicine cause it's health bar sucks. Near any animal that bites it bucks like hell then runs.
  7. Ok thanks. Yeah I main the Black Arabian, my back up is the Trotter. So was thinking of buying the silver Turkoman if the stats were comparable to the Black Arabian. You are right The Turkoman are bigger and I think better looking of the three breeds.
  8. That's It! You say the writing in RDR2 is pathetic and useless. But offer nothing to support your "criticism." The fact that you have offered nothing makes this very shallow critique, pathetic and useless.
  9. This horse is expensive. However I am curious as to why it commands such a hefty price. I am assuming the stats are good, with bonding level 4, full health / stamina? My question, does anyone own this horse? If you do, I would appreciate some feedback on whether it is worth the price tag.
  10. "Black Eyed Susan?" It would have been harsh of RS to penalise you for that name.
  11. Bro I feel your pain. Been thinking that way myself lately. lol.
  12. Play mostly RD online. Actually too much online lol. Completed single player 2x now.
  13. It will return, but when? No one knows, except RS.
  14. It is my belief that all clthing options are available to all players The low 30's I believe. If you are Rank 35 should be enough. Word of caution it costs $147 and you will rarely use it. If you try wearing it outside of the snowy areas your health and stamina will deplete quickly.
  15. Lemoyne near Saint Denis. By house on stilts where you find the female gunslinger hiding out in single player stranger mission. Camp there at night and one will fly by.
  16. Yeah that was cool. Maybe RD online will introduce as an outfit sometime.
  17. Very good exposure for RDR2. Rockstar games have a great history of doing well financially when connected with controversy.
  18. I do like the Nokota. But I think it was the lack of stamina that made me discard it. However I did not own any of the special saddles at the time. The 42 gold I paid for my Black Arabian was worth it. As far as handling goes in my opinion it is the best horse online. Btw you must be paying a fair bit in stable fees pilgrim.
  19. A personal hot air balloon. That you can hitch at your camp.
  20. Sounds like you are waiting to see if RS come good with new content that they have promised.
  21. Lol that is 554 hours. Join the club.
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