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  1. I had a similar problem with my horse or character on foot. My problem was L3 and R3 on controller. Fixed it by buying a new controller.
  2. The amount is so small, it is hardly worth, getting wound up about it.
  3. The easy ones that I can knock off quickly. Do 3 - 4 in an hour. Collect plants, shoot birds, animals etc.
  4. I know the box. I think it is just a R* tease. Yeah it will have something in it like tonics or something similar.
  5. I agree with Dylbandit. The big plus for me is the customisation. You can create your own character. Then choose what type of horse/s you want to ride, clothes, weapons etc. Hook up with a posse or go solo. It's entirely up to you. Jump in get your feet wet.
  6. If I have read your post correctly. You cannot equip one to your outfit. It just sits in your inventory and you click on it and the pocket watch is in your hand. You can read the time. That is it unfortunately. It would be cool if it was on your outfit.
  7. Anyone having this problem, everytime I do a story mission, my horse changes. Then when the mission is completed. I still have the horse that replaced my original choice.
  8. You can also run around shooting NPCs which is cheaper.
  9. Lol there are more bugs in this game than in my damn garden!
  10. That sounds rough mate. May I ask what rank are you? It sounds like a bug. That has been around for a while. It affected me when I was below rank 50 then disappeared When I went above that rank. Damned if I know why. But others seem to be affected by it. Mind you on RS Social club. My online stats tell me my active horse is the Scrawny Nag???. I'm rank 154 so???
  11. Dude if you lost that account you would be in a world of pain.
  12. That was the last mission before the update. The next mission is "Destroyed by grief." You will get a notification from Horley, meaning you have to go to a post office. It's random just pops up.
  13. Damn I've heard of bugs. But that one has to be the mother of all bugs. Sorry! That was real bad luck. Like others have said, contact R*.
  14. There is a new duplication glitch. This time with pelts and involving the stable at Valentine.
  15. Perhaps go back into the stable change it for another then change it back again. See if that works. It could be just a bug, there are a lot of those in the game at the moment.
  16. Yeah I am getting one shot killed still, by players ranked as low as 16 - My "Never without One" Ability card is now useless. More bugs sheesh.
  17. Yes it is one of the many bugs affecting the game since the Spring update last week. Report it to Rock Star.
  18. You get the Ancient Tomahawk from the Fence. It's free for PS4 I believe. Any rank.
  19. Yes I cannot do the Sadler mission and the CE-34878-0 is back lol. Kean_1 right but gee I have spent more time on R* site than in the game lol.
  20. Hiding behind something and sniping other players.
  21. In the catalogue any clothes that are woollen or heavy as in leather are suitable for cold weather. The lighter clothes e.g shirts, most stuff actually, are for the hot weather.
  22. I agree I am doing well if I get 15-25 mins of game play before I disconnect to a blue screen with the CE-34878-0 message. Ability cards are not working either. I have been one shotted by a rank 16 then a rank 20 in free roam. When using my "never without one" ability card!
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