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  1. Was a riot in valentine, all shooting and some dead bodies and wagons everywhere but not one bullet hit me
  2. Passive mode at last Went into three towns without any trouble yay. (lost a bit playing poker though, never was any good at it)
  3. Wonder if this is true. My brother who is a hard core gamer and good at RDR2 hates the game online since the update. He said the map seemed empty now. I said he hated it because he couldn't hunt down and grief people as easy now because they didn't show up on the map. For me (not very good at the game), I've found it easier to fish, hunt, and just roam around now since the update. Is this true do you think? For the hard core, good players, the update had spoiled it, but for the players like me who will rarely win a gunfight, the game online is better now? Even though I'm a noob at online gaming, I can't think why they can't just have two separate lobbies. One for anything goes, the other for a more passive mode. That way you can choose when you join what kind of play you want that day.
  4. Me too, played it this afternoon and it went well.... this evening everything was back to normal online... in fact I think people were killing more people just to get their WANTED status up ..... have finished with the game now, it's just a mess. They are just not listening to what people want.
  5. Was a big improvement online just now, went to three different towns without any hassle...although someone on their mic said they could still see where other players were 🙄 Not sure how they could do it when I couldn't see anyone until I was almost next to them.
  6. Played online for the first time in ages last night. Rode into first town, got off my horse and this clown shot me and my horse. Spawned back in, went to ride off, someone killed me and my horse. Both players were high ranked too and one of them was screaming with laughter into their mics. Not worth the hassle anymore, can't see Rockstar doing anything about these idiots. The game's going on Facebook for sale now.
  7. Hmmm just a GUN rush update after all this wait..... think I'll leave Red Dead for a few months now, disappointing update.
  8. I'm also for hire. If you would like someone to ride alongside you screaming like a banshee and shouting 'Don't shoot me , don't shoot me' while I try to reload my guns, then just PSN me online.
  9. I just mute straight away and never use my headset online now anymore . (not since someone said I sounded like a posh Essex girl ...friggin cheek)
  10. It's like downloading a music album and finding a message saying tracks 6 to 8 will be sent to you once we've made them 🤐
  11. The FPGL Posse one looks like closing time at the White Heart pub near me 🍺
  12. you can give the code away for the gold, for someone to type in in their shop
  13. you should be able to buy some if you are not maxed out as Burbon said.
  14. Due to the griefing I've not been online that much since Xmas. I'm only lvl 19 online, but hopefully if Rockstar fix the griefing I'll be playing it more and leveling up in the future. Broke my leg just before Xmas, so off work and have time to play more than I would normally.
  15. I still don't understand why you can't just have one lobby for 'anything goes' and another lobby where you cannot kill another player or their horse or cause any griefing but you can fight AI cowboys or gangs, or fish and hunt, do missions together or just mess around, either on your own or with like minded players.. Surely that's the answer?
  16. You're not safe from the griefers anyway it seems lol. Most of the time, any town I enter they are just waiting up on the rooftops to sniper you. Just wish I were better and faster at this game, either that or join a big gang and let them go in first 😁
  17. As I am so bad at this game, but I love the game, I've decided not to try and beat people in gunfights anymore...Now I'm going to strap dynamite around my waist and just run at them.
  18. If you have seen me play online you would know why I need them 😁 (nice gesture, I'm sure someone on here could do with the gold)
  19. Bit of a nooooob question but how would I block someone on PS4?
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