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  1. In no particular order; Red Dead Redemption 2 Fallout 3 The Last of Us
  2. My women HOT and my beer COLD! Well, seriously though, I tend to overheat more quickly than I get cold. I often walk around in a t shirt in winter and don't feel too cold. Where I'm from, it is generally pretty warm and our winters are probably not too cold when compared to many other places on this planet. We do not get snow apart from on the mountain tops. Both extremes have their benefits though so I am currently sitting on the fence on this one.
  3. Most guys in those days seemed to be in dire need of a good bath. In fact, the pigs had something in common with them.
  4. Just be careful of them cougars, they love younger guys.
  5. I keep shavin' the darn thing! I like to grow it out a bit and get that worn, action man typa look and then i usually decide to shave it to resemble a supposed decent looking human being again.
  6. Has anyone ever let Arthur's beard just grow and continue to grow? I am curious, how long a beard will Arthur have if it is just left to it's own devices? Perhaps a beard growing competition is in order.
  7. What do you call the process involved in ensuring that your pigs are clean? Answer: Hogwash
  8. Waking up from sleep is over-rated.
  9. It just came to mind. Well, I did name one of my horses "Itchy Nuts" so it was probably somewhere in my subconscience at the time.
  10. What score/rating would you give RDR2 out of 100? How would you rate the graphics, sound, gameplay? I have had the game for a few weeks and am starting chapter 3 so I cannot give a full rating but at this point in my play I would rate the game as follows; Graphics 99 Sound 96 Gameplay 91 Overall 98
  11. Well, I would farm the pigs for makin' some bacon! Yee! Haw!
  12. The third image is real life and the other 3 are from the game?
  13. Hey @Mr.Red47 Welcome to the forum!
  14. Can't say...what happens in the bath, stays in the bath.
  15. Thanks @VampireKrush I live in South Africa and it is a diverse country with plenty of wildlife. It's kind of like a mixture between a first world country with good infrastructure and a third world country. Where are you from?
  16. No sheriff. These here facebook be riddled with lies and with many sad folks who are a peddlin' the pervasions of a preceived bubble of success so as to create for themselves a protective coccoon in which to shield themselves from the harsh realities.
  17. The legendary ram was probably in denial that you had found it and killed it.
  18. Thinking of naming my Pony......Sony.
  19. Heard that McDonald's uses horseshit...er I mean horsemeat but I'm not sure how true it is! Eh well, I eat them burgers anyway! Nothing like good cheeeeese!
  20. Hey guys! How does one change one's horses name? Well I named my first horse "Itchy Nuts" and I wanted to name my second horse as "Kentucky Nuggets".
  21. Howdy there pardners! This be here good ol' bag of nuts, hailing from out South in the good ol' RS of A but known to most as South Africa. It be here a place of laws but no laws, with many an outlaw and often chaos and uproar. I don't know about you but I'm feelin' mighty good today and I will be well pleased to converse and be a meetin' ya all!
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