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  1. First horse: BOSCOE Second horse (Buckskin): GERONIMO 3rd horse (Brindle): Ram's Eye
  2. I watch to see if they aim their gun. Otherwise our gang protocol is to pretty much never shoot first. I think the dynamics of this would be different / make more sense with free-aim lobbies. (You wouldn't be easily getting drive-byed by auto-aimers with shotguns). Our gang is generally friendly and I even allow randoms to kill me in cold blood if anything just to confirm they are a hostile that deserves to be hunted. I walk up to their loaded gun in my face with no fear and most of the time they don't have the sand to pull the trigger. If they do so dishonorably I will relentlessly hunt them until they run / parley / leave lobby or our leader calls us off of them. Do not act in fear. Act with purpose.
  3. It just needs to use more stamina and we need free-aim hardcore lobbies.
  4. Yup! More for Cripps/ camp: Coffee Pot. Cards. Banjo / Harmonica. Camp Dog. Stew. Meat Rack: (Seen in other camps) Hang 2-3 carcasses up that automatically contribute to camp food stash/ stew. Pelt Refining Station: (Seen in camps) Stretch and cure pelts to increase quality only 1 time. (Poor -> good or good -> perfect) Costing materials like alcohol or something. Crafting Workshop: (also seen in large camps) Tons of potential. Crafting system? Modify guns? Clean guns with more efficient use of gun oil. Build horse addons or wagon upgrades for storing more carcasses etc. Camp guards and Weapons (spotted Guns reserved for camp guards in campaign). Requiring a higher upkeep. Up to 15 camp guards. but no White Flag allowed (?).. to expand on camp upkeep: Property / Claimable Gang Hideouts should cost the gang up to about $60 a day. That assumes there would be a stash box for everyone to contribute to. Allowing large posses to give different members roles like hunting, missions, robberies etc. Worth mentioning more on the subject of Gang Hideouts with pre-existing stations being claimable: After beating a gang hideout you could - "Clear bodies into a yellow zone outside to claim camp". Some Hideouts spawn entire camps with structures (the same way player camps do.. appearing/disappearing..) so why not make them claimable for the duration of being online. Providing Some free camp stations. Lots of variety in these already. Some with just stew and pelt stations. Or workshop and stable etc. To go further I'd say grant players a reward of getting free camp guards for claiming a hideout but also make them attackable at all times (making it like any Gang Hideout). You get free stations, at a high price. If you are away from camp and you didn't hire extra guards or leave posse members to guard, you may just lose it. I think it could work. (Not allowed to move camp if players have engaged your posse or guards). It may seem unfair to be attackable at all times but I would add that there needs to be incentive for being attackable / lowering the white flag (as my posse always does) Failing to attack and raid/loot a player camp should punish the attacker like by making their bodies lootable and actually taking 10$ away from them if the other players loot them. And spawn them very far away. Just some thoughts.
  5. Sorry you got spawn killed. Most likely another Varmint Rifle / auto aim issue. Varmint needs to be nerfed to 2 headshots for a kill. Lobbies need to be split. Imagine a world where griefers actually get punished and the un-skilled dont survive. Its called a free aim lobby and it increases immersion and even roleplaying possibilities. Players who cant handle themselves in a fight wont pick them as often.
  6. This is an auto aim issue, I think diving is fine. RDR1 Online launched with Hardcore(free aim) / Normal lobbies. I only play with people on free aim and I cant respect an auto aim griefer.. Taking off auto aim gives you the ultimate bragging rights right now. But dont be surprised if you get headshotted while diving or instantly popped after their dive. Even worse when its a varmint rifle. They need to make Varmint take 2 headshots to kill a player.
  7. Just curious, when you say Fanboy Deluxe did that include being a huge fan of RD1 Online? I understand that you dont want to set yourself up for disappointment in online now, as there are a lot of raging complainers out there. I say to them, they aren't true supportive fans, and rockstar has earned some respite. To be fair there are a decent amount of bugs. But RDO is presenting something entirely separate from the main story. And it really still is a part of the game in its entirety whether we like it or not. Because I too am a huge fan, I would hate to see someone like you miss out on what RDO has to offer. Simply put, the most important draws of RDO are that you create your own character and are inserted into the same beautiful world on your own. You also get to see how RDO will grow. Money is much harder to come by and you realize that youre not some elite highly wanted bank robber like Arthur. Although partly because of new level caps which i dont mind, things like hunting/fishing, treasure maps, and your weapons/equipment have an added weight to them that was missing from the story. And one of the Best parts is how missions work with other players interacting, my first day I was blown away by the flexibility of the new content while still immersed. There are new perks and abilities with dead eye (no slo mo) and a main storyline. Wait for bugs to be ironed out if you want, but give it a chance, its still a part of RDR2. (and definitely finish the epilogue until credits roll).
  8. its true, I had to to take my time and immerse myself into the story and being Arthur. Ive never been so captured by a game. It actually poses philosophical questions for me about immersion taken to its highest levels. Westworld style. It was a really interesting moment in time when RDR2 released. People bought it not only for the Story but also for online even though it wasnt released yet. Entire friends lists were filled with players on RDR2 (even in party chat together) in mostly total silence. Xbox became like a quiet library of people embracing the RDR2 singleplayer. I cant think of any other major titles that released during the same time, most likely getting out of the way of this long anticipated titan of a game from R* .. and when it finally arrived it wasnt some huge multiplayer party but just peaceful and (somewhat) silent awe. And for the record I don't buy into people saying its too immersive or packed with too much content. This is what innovation at the highest level looks like from and industry giant with a long history of successful games, period. R* did not dissapoint, enjoy it. @NewsBot
  9. Right. Or honor for anything. Fence, gunsmith, Murfree Trapper? Missions. The point being that either high or low honor earns you new content and restricts others without messing things up too much.
  10. Would love to see factions in areas like thieves landing have their fence available to you if your honor is low enough or high honor allows you to bribe Gray Deputies and follow you maybe. Low honor gets a butcher at the murfree/skinner camp etc. That would make the map really interesting in new ways. Honor would matter. Just adding little faction based mercenaries would be really cool.
  11. I've been thinking a good way to do it would be to have the radar showing peoples normal blips while not sneaking or shooting. Keep the directional red glow as is. Then have proximity areas on the map (which we end up having to check constantly) Potentially showing multiple names in the area. Size could be the same as voice chat range. This would make players immerse in the environment more. As of right now it consists too much of *look at map, travel to player, auto-aim, repeat* Lastly keep gamertag names above players heads (but optional for your own view). Easy fix! Of course free-aim-only would be the only way for this to work (Hardcore lobbies)
  12. Yeah bonding seems bugged for now. I've heard visiting the stable fixes it temporarily. Problem is I usually lose my drift ability while playing. Hopefully they resolve that right away in a next big update.
  13. Yup! R* did not disappoint. Its impossible for optional MtX to literally change the game that already exists. Yes they gatekeep some features but it does not change the core gameplay and the fun of it.
  14. Exactly. HARDCORE LOBBIES (free aim only) and perhaps just red shadowed areas on the map to show players would totally balance griefing. In fact if someone has to actually aim for that headshot to kill me im fine with them trying to hunt me down, toxic or not. Bring it on! If we can figure this out great minds at R* should be able to! RD1 had hardcore lobbies as well. Additionally Radar should still show the red glow in direction of enemies, but Only show actual unit blips when sprinting/ firing. Thats all they need! This would make me and others 10x more patient for R* to take their time adding more content or until Full Release
  15. Whew thats alot.. R* take notes haha. Peaceful ranching herding and hunting incentives would be amazing. Only played the 1 mission herding sheep and the 1 photography mission herding horses in solo. Along with that we will need a Meat Rack for storing carcasses in camp, a Pelt refining station to possibly turn good pelts into perfects using other ingredients. and CAMP STEW. Looking to games like New Vegas could be a really good idea for R*.. I dont think we will get campfires just *anywhere* but having the option to make a small fire and tent vs. a whole camp would be really nice. and being able to go inside your tent for sure. Hell yes to random events without being repetitive. Limits to 1 player activating them every 4-5 hours. NPCs could absolutely have new and better roles. Low honor should allow hiring Del Lobos or certain Mercenaries while high honor should allow bribing police or hiring bounty hunters/Grays. Low/ high honor should also affect what Missions you can accept and Honorable sheriff-type missions need to give player assassinations as well. So players dont miss out on mission types because of honor. But More player assasinations from low honor people like Joe or the Boy. Hiring NPCs and camp guards will be crucial. Completely agree about smoking longer just like drinking a beer, prostitutes should be acceptable in online as Arthur may have had his priorities / standards to not accept them and thats fine. They could easily have the screen go dark when you accept them and just wake up in the bedroom with your clothes back on n with cores refreshed. Instrument emotes or items purchasable for camp, banjo and harmonica. We share alot of the same ideas.
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