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  1. White Arabian is far from the best horse in the game. She get spooked to easy and arabians are small. Fox Trotter and even Turkoman is better as fo me.
  2. I think yes. Because all the other glitches are working. For example the glitch with free horses near Saint Denis, I saved the game than updated it and my silver fox trotter is with me.
  3. This outfit even gives you not only perks, but bonuses for health, stamina and dead eye. But in normal gameplay you'll not be able to do this for Arthur, you must to do the glitch for going in New Austin with Arthur.
  4. It's not that hard. If you do this with Arthur, it's better to take Turkoman horse, cause it will not through you down when cops will start shooting at you near Blackwater.
  5. I bought everything as Arthur, so for John is only horse and some medicine left to buy.
  6. And the man who deserves it more than anyone wears it
  7. Gambler 8 is hell, but I did it twice already. You just need to be patient, try to do it in different locations. I did first 2 in Van Horn and the last one in Rhodes. Also dominoes are easy but very annoying. For Gambler 9 I suggest to play at Emerald Ranch with one player, it will be long but easy.
  8. I always try to shoot fellers as need shoting, save fellers as need saving and feed them as need feeding XD
  9. Emerald Ranch at night, near the fence.
  10. Just don't sell your golden bars. But I don't understand why? Arthur needs money much more than John. You can complete the main story for John and you'll have a big part of the Blackwater money
  11. I have the same problem but only with one of my 2 controllers. Mb the problem is in it.
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