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  1. i'll give it a whirl tomorrow..... 😉
  2. mutant skinned gray wolf that grew a pre-skinned conjoined twin at my camp 🙀
  3. not seen these details before, I've been following the notion that the closer to zero you complete the mission the bigger the reward for gold, $ & XP. Also if you are able to do so use the time to hunt, loot, pick herbs etc.......
  4. Has anyone else experienced a new camp spawning so close to your own that yours is no longer accessible? It has happened twice to me now 😡
  5. i logged back in and double checked the accounts had been linked it says 30 minutes gameplay required
  6. plus a minimum amount of gameplay too right?
  7. has anyone received their twitch rewards yet??
  8. mine currently are: machete not accessible cannot move camp location
  9. finally got round to saying hi!!
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