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  1. I stole this from Reddit, but here is an amazing photo series with some very cool Wild West images. It really helps you to understand exactly what the West was like back then, living conditions, bars, the people, etc... Makes me wanna go watch Tombstone again and even more excited for Red Dead Redemption 2! http://historygarage.com/gritty-real-photos-wild-west/
  2. Great news, this needed to be said! So much concern about lootboxes and other "features" or mechanics these days.
  3. I was worried about it prior to the last trailer, but given they confirmed Spring, I think we will be fine. Not long to go now!!
  4. MajorPain


    I think like me he was assuming you quoted USD above. 15K Rial is USD0.50... So tattoos are actually very cheap?
  5. I've found myself some new wallpaper
  6. I am reading lots of people saying that we will get a release date. While I would of course be very happy if we do get one, I am highly sceptical. The campaign to date does not exactly scream "organised". I would be surprised if they are willing to state a specific release date right now.
  7. They have a trademark over the term "Red Dead". It's like someone going and registering GoogleGames.com or something, or selling a device called a "Sony Portable HDD".
  8. We'll see if the domain is transferred in the next few days! Certainly looks legit to me
  9. GTA Forums here too, plus some car ones (Mercedes). Also bitcointalk sometimes too. Funny how a lot of this stuff has transferred to Discord and Slack though. I still think forums are the right community for a game like Red Dead Redemption 2 though.
  10. I'm not talking about a specific genre, but I am really loving True Detective right now (I know it's old too!). Rewatching both seasons for a second time at the moment. Very enjoyable and binge-worthy.
  11. MajorPain


    Anyone else play it? I'm on PS4 and am surprisingly becoming slightly addicted. I think it must be the quick pick up and play game style. Man there is some douche bags in competitive though...
  12. Intro to main characters, maybe some gameplay footage
  13. Pretty damn surprised Ubisoft would admit this! Why!?
  14. Logitech gets a thumbs down from me too, while not everything has broken, probably about 50% of it has.... That's still 50% too much!
  15. Have noticed the same thing myself actually, it's like everyone has decided the wait is so far away (and maybe there is a lull in new releases right now, I dunno) and so they're playing it again. As for me I still have my copy, have not dusted it off though
  16. That article has absolutely no credible sources, I think it is utter BS.
  17. As a Rockstar Games fan, if someone said to you that it would be more than 4 years until they released a new game, how would you feel?
  18. MajorPain


    World of Warcraft was gonna be my suggestion, so ignore me... But maybe you don't wanna lose your life to that game again? I also found the WOW addiction stories pretty interesting to read.
  19. This is all VERY worrying for Red Dead Redemption 2... We have been blessed to have games from Rockstar for so many years now. With Shark Cards making them so much money already, then going and doing this, it does not look good for the future. Are they morphing from a company loved by all into a Blizzard or EA? I wasn't impressing by the recent Gunrunning DLC for GTA Online either - it took so long to come out and is just like MC missions. You need to invest stupid amounts/spend a stupid amount of time to get any sort of return and then it's just the same thing we've had before with a few more vehicles... and the GTA$ returns are crap. Granted GTA Online is an old game now, but still, I was disappointed. It seems like the GR DLC is pretty much built and designed to increase shark card sales. Rockstar were special because they had the best games + didn't treat their fans like a piggy bank as other game companies do. If they start trying to extract every single last penny then it will be a sad day for gamers.
  20. lol that's a good way of putting it
  21. I've never even used passive mode once myself - I know that it makes you invulnerable to other players, but you also can't do missions with it on? What's the point then? If you just wanna drive around?
  22. Just had to say lol @bluntTR4P at that meme
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