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  1. Fair enough. We all goof up from time to time.
  2. i wasn't trying to go too hard on the guy (or gal). Main mission or not, I want to find things out on my own. Not blunder into a spoiler thread. It's getting to the point where I'm not clicking on ANY content in here.
  3. If you are currently WANTED, you will not be able to enter the barn. You must wait for your WANTED status to disappear before the barn opens up.
  4. I'm going to go a step further; your conduct is blatantly rude and uncalled for. It takes just one small iota of common sense to realize you shouldn't be posting results of missions in the forums for other players to read. In fact, nothing was gained from your ridiculous post, not by the community and certainly not by yourself. In the future, perhaps you should stick to Reddit and the comments section of popular YouTuber's. If this were the saloon, you'd be thrown out. Good day sir.
  5. Has anyone else purchased the boat upgrade to camp? And if so, how do you use it? I purchased it, and it's just sitting next to the dock and I cannot interact with it at all.
  6. We have about 3 or 4 gun threads going now lol you're late to the party. BUT, nice weapons!
  7. I'd say just take a screenshot of the gun as it lays on the gunsmith's counter
  8. haha we posted one at the same time! edit: ok, not at the same time, my slow ass school internet didn't update the page. mine was significantly later than yours
  9. pull em out, show em off. Revolvers, pistolas, long rifles, let's see how you've customize those smoke wagons!
  10. These are looking good! Next we need to get a gun thread going!
  11. must be all that Walker Texas Ranger I watched as a kid. Only thing I'd like to do is hide the man purse. Not a big fan of it.
  12. Can't recall exactly which article it was that I was reading there. Frankly too tired to go back and search for it. But i read it. I'm sure that's the absolute earliest we could get it, seems just a bit too quick though, imo.
  13. https://rockstarintel.com/rockstar-games-working-to-fix-red-dead-redemption-2-hdr-issues/
  14. Forgive the quality, apparently xbox OneDrive is down and isn't uploading screenshots, so I had to take a picture. This will have to do for now.
  15. according to rockstarINTEL, the beta could come out as early as next week.
  16. when you press forward on the d-pad, your horse begins to walk, tapping A, he/she will begin a trot, pressing A again, the trot will quicken, pressing A again, the horse will begin a gallop. To make your horse sprint, quickly press A repeatedly. Doing this in time with the horse will slow the stamina drain. I've heard that doing this in time with the horse will stop all stamina drain, but I have not seen that and I've tried this over and over. Full on running with your horse will drain stamina, but timing the A button presses with your horses gallop (also take into account the grunting, this helps as well) will make the stamina drain much, much less. So it should look like this: begin walking-->Press A--->horse beings slow trot--->press A--->horse begins quicker trot---->press A---->horse begins running--->repeatedly pressing A causes your horse to being sprinting. The faster you press A, the faster the horse goes, up to its maximum speed. Timing the A button presses will slow stamina drain. As to your other points: Yes, your horse is pretty lazy when you call it. It does take some time and it never really comes right to your feet. Just like any real horse I've been around, they aren't exactly golden retrievers. Yes, focusing on something while riding causes the camera to do some very whacky things. I've hit my fair share of trees, most recently while running from a grizzly bear that wanted me for dinner. Yes, the AI is faster, aims better, and seems to have perfect horse control while we are left panning around like crazy, shooting all over the place, and in general hamfisting the controller. I can't and won't argue with those points, but I can say that they are issues caused by two things that I personally have done myself, so I am comfortable in suggesting methods to learn: 1. Don't focus on people when going any faster than a trot. If you are going fast, the camera goes crazy. So, if you are going to focus on someone or something, make sure you are trotting. 2. When shooting, it's best to use the auto aim feature. Get your cursor near the enemy and pull the left trigger and it should quickly move to the bad guy. This only lasts for a second or two. You must be quick in firing. As for your horse not following you when you are driving something for a mission, I personally haven't had issues with this. I also haven't been bucked off during firefights. I have have several run ins with wolves as well and my horse has remained well composed during the brief battles but I've also gotten quite good at dispatching wolves; they get the two barrel hello. I do admit, controlling your horse is difficult and takes practice. Spend some time in a field practicing. Finally, I also have not had the issues with cinematic view that I have seen on Facebook/Youtube, or read about here. I set a marker on my map, begin riding and press the menu button long enough to go into cinematic camera and I've not yet run into a wagon/train/tree/or other horse. I have however, done all of these manually. In fact, I killed another rider by slamming into him coming over a crest. Oops.
  17. I found a derailed train. There's a car that took a long time to get to. I died I don't know how many times trying to figure it out. I was worth the deaths though. Lucrative for sure, but a MASSIVE pain. Haven't spent much time aiming for squirrels or other small animals. Seems like a massive pain!
  18. If you die, the pelts will disappear. You should be able to sell the skin without having to remove it from your horse, if you cannot, it sounds like it is glitched. I believe i have read about this before and it seems like recurring bug.
  19. Can you elaborate a bit more? What missions have you done? Google the mission list (I won't post it here due to spoiler rules).
  20. I didn't realize how important the horse would be to you in this game, especially given how you generally completely disregard vehicles in the past R* games I've played. Once I adjusted to it, I never, ever, let my horse get to far from me. To the point that I have begun to figure out if I am going to get into a firefight, I position my four legged friend not only to be safe but also in a spot that can give me a solid get away.
  21. you should go retrieve the goodies from the ruins of your life lol
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