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  1. I was thinking about this and talking with a friend. It has been rumored that he will be in the game but not as a playable character. Could this mean we play at the gang members who screw him over? Like what if we see what happened when John got out of it and play it through the eyes of the bad guys? If this is the case... How much of John will actually be in the story?
  2. I was just going to post about this!! I feel like this means there will be a delay and maybe they didn't get to the Xbox one yet. We will see in the next day or so. Ugggg seems like bad news!
  3. I somewhat feel the same but not in the sense that I don't care at all but I don't need it to be anything fancy.
  4. This would play a role in bounties as well if they do those online which I would imagine they do. Maybe when you do anything gang related then you increase your odds of having one called out on you at random. Would be interesting too to see gangs turn on their own for the cash rewards haha
  5. I do wonder if they do this, how it is not offending those women's rights groups. The ones that seem to have an issue with any female character in any video game lol I am all for this though. Not even to be a perv or anything. I just think what they say is hilarious!
  6. I read about this and I didn't think much of it until now. Having improved movement will greatly enrich the game over all so I hope they enhance it.
  7. I kind of like this idea. Not sure how they would pull it off by assuming each server only has so many players on at a time I think it is doable. I wouldn't mind doing a small job or something to earn money. I guess it is "easier" to rob people. HEY! What if your a bar owner for a "living" and other people on the server can attempt to rob your bar!? Now that would be cool!!
  8. I have been itching to play the new one so bad that I started playing the first one again LOL I likely wont finish it but man... I need my fix! I really hope they say something soon here.
  9. As far as news goes on RDR2!? I know it happens on June 13, 14, and 15 of this year. Do you think they may be waiting to announce anything further till this time or what!?
  10. This is all we know. Or at least would assume. Ugg... Someone needs to spill the beans already (no offense/pun directed at you UKSammy lol)
  11. The only thought I have right now is where in the sam heck is the next one!? I am sorry but they should have released a new one by now and I am so mad they haven't yet.
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