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  1. I spent a fair deal of time complaining about the bugs elsewhere so I am a bit drained out on the topic but I will say that I agree with Benjo... The game was delayed, they had plenty of time for testing so there isn't much of an excuse here for them to rely on.
  2. redscrew

    RIP Summer

    It helps to be drunk in LA. I have been there a few times and other parts of California. It isn't what it used to be that is for sure. It is funny because of the tourist destinations in America like LA, NYC, Miami... They all tend to be places that are cool to visit but not somewhere many would want to live.
  3. redscrew

    RIP Summer

    Both places are filled with hipsters and douche bags. Hope you don't judge us based on either. Visit different places like Texas and Maine.
  4. So say there are like 4 running trains for the entire map and each server can hold like 40 to 50 players... That is going to be one hell of a mess!
  5. Are they all done with the GTA stuff now? Like they won't be dropping anything else on us again, will they? Cause I no longer have my GTA V disc. Kind of sorta left it out where I should have and when my sister was over, her puppy got a hold of it. Needless to say, it ended up in the trash.
  6. Size isn't everything - Said no woman ever. 🤣 Joke aside, it really isn't. I don't want a huge map if it is nothing but dead space. I am hoping we get something similar to GTA V's map size with a bit more "hidden" areas and I will be happy with that.
  7. Sure if you want to hop over to PlayStation from Xbox or if you need a new console, this is fantastic but for everyone else, who really cares? I would rather just get a special edition of the game and stick with what I got.
  8. I'm guessing we will see rain - light to heavy, snow - light to heavy, and the occasional thunderstorm. Maybe some wind thrown in now and then. I am not expecting much beyond that and not sure what has or hasn't been confirmed yet.
  9. They don't follow any kind of pattern with releasing trailers or news so I couldn't say. I have enough information to be hyped so I don't care either way.
  10. Good eye. I wouldn't have even spotted this. I don't have any subs to magazines anymore. Really makes me wish I did. I know I can see basically all news and information online but sometimes I just want to be old school and not have my face planted in front of a screen. Does it mean free music AND DLC or free music with information on DLC?
  11. I can understand not wanting to play it if you are not a fan of GTA but to not give it a chance and having played GTA V, it is kind of confusing. At the core, the game will play the same and be very similar with just a change in the time setting. I mean if someone wants to just think "eh this isn't worth playing" that is on them. I know more people who intend on getting the game than don't.
  12. I am passing on it. I have been burned out on Battlefield and Call of Duty. They all seem to be the same games every year at the core with nothing worth making me spend the money to get a new one.
  13. redscrew

    We Happy Few

    The game looks different for sure but I don't think it is a justifiable $60 game. If I do get it, like yourself, I will be waiting for a sale. Sometimes these new games end up doing very well but even then, $60 is a lot to drop on a game I am not sure I will enjoy.
  14. I'm not in the UK so I am not sure what to recommend. What is your price range? I might be able to find you something a little cheaper.
  15. Most people have either or, not both. So I guess some people may be inclined to buy a second system to play with other friends on certain games? That isn't still a very large number. I do end up getting both current consoles but years apart from each other. It is too expensive to have both and buy copies of games for both. The cross-platform thing where I can be on PS and play with a friend who is on Xbox online could work but they don't have any logical reason to do it. Look at other games that are massive online.
  16. Are they having any midnight releases? I haven't actually heard anything on this yet. I would like to think they do have them somewhere.
  17. I get why you made the theory but what they do/have done in games is their own world. I won't be surprised if RDR ties in with GTA but again, this is their own world. They tend to base things off real places, not real people. Not directly anyway. I would say they might have gotten inspiration from Scarface. Anything beyond that is pushing it.
  18. I too am planning on winning a copy...
  19. Homemade chicken wings beat out most restaurant ones. I do enjoy some places but when you can do it yourself, you can adjust everything to your own taste and it tends to be cheaper. I make some now and then in bulk and freeze um.
  20. Welcome, Bro... I normally don't call people that but it works here and I am too lazy to fully type out your name. And yeah, forums are taking a dive. I blame that social media epidemic. Kills off great discussions between people and just causes them to have verbal diarrhea. Though, we are typing so that makes little sense... Enjoy your stay!
  21. I'll likely spend more time offline as well but at the same time, I do intend on enjoying the online end more than I did on RDR2 and even more than GTA V. I liked both but both had a way of playing great for a month or so and then I got bored with them.
  22. I'd like to see mines in more detail as well as have TNT freely lying around for online fun. Could you imagine messing around in a mine with your buddy and some random player just sets off some TNT? They can make it where the mines stay blown up for a set amount of time before "regenerating" as well so they can have the full effect of a collapse underground.
  23. Well now, this is something I kind of like. It adds a nice sense of realism to the game. I am hoping this is true. I really wanna see online be true to the old west as possible.
  24. Yeah, that may be but at least we are responsible for that that blonde will be supplying to the camp. I don't mind having this as an option or even part of quests. It is just something to do on the side as well.
  25. Seeing what they have done with GTA V, I can see that but at the same time... They can make a lot more money if they do the PC version. I can see it happening but not right away. Maybe in a year or 2.
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