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  1. Sadie, at times, I found very annoying. Most of the time she was fine but other times... I wanted to just put an f'n snake in her boot and call it a day.
  2. I contacted them a few times and they got back to me in a little over a day. Maybe it depends on who gets the message. I am sure they have a large team working on responding to people and addressing issues.
  3. It shouldn't be kicking you, no. Have you checked your connection? Sometimes a weaker internet connection will cause you to "time out" when joining something like this. Have you contacted Rockstar about the issue?
  4. Usually restarting the game fixes this issue. I had it happen a few times on console. I am not sure if it will work for PC. I would imagine it hasn't fixed the issue since you likely haven't been playing this entire time. Some people have expressed having issues near legendary animal areas. I would contact Rockstar about it for the time being.
  5. I don't understand it either. I can't even count how many issues I have seen people having with keyboard related controls over the last few weeks. Simply releasing a control page on the damn Rockstar website would help! I am not one to play a game like this on a keyboard but I know plenty of PC only gamers who don't use controllers ever.
  6. Since when do snakes poison you? Was this an update I missed or has this always been the case?? Maybe I never got bit before. I will have to experiment. To the snake fields!
  7. I have had my fair share of complaints when it comes to other players. I think this all boils down to two things... Players are getting bored and Rockstar didn't manage online properly. I know their aim was to have conflict online and gang wars but not everyone wants to play like that all the time. Like most of the time, I just want to chill and hunt or fish, maybe take out some hideouts. I seldom look to actually interact with other gangs since I mostly play by myself or with one or two other people.
  8. They make you do this to ensure you know what you are doing. I guess this is a way of giving everyone a fair chance since a lot of players were new to this kind of online game. Either way, glad the issue was solved for you. Thankfully members here know how to help out with what they can since Rockstar is being overloaded with issues right now.
  9. Apparently this is a known issue. I haven't read about anyone getting helpful information back from Rockstar but I would imagine it will be addressed in the next update for those of you out there who are still having issues.
  10. The fire was done great for sure. It looks very realistic which seems to be hard to do for a lot of game devs. And I see you are enjoying that dead eye a lot eh?
  11. I remember reading a way around this to collect the cards but I can't for the life of me remember where I read it. It may have been in this forum.
  12. If I remember correctly, you hold on to them as some lead to but I am not 100% certain on this. I tried looking it up for you in a guide but it doesn't mention anything on it.
  13. You were suppose to go talk to him before going upstairs to find Lenny. I am not sure if you can apologize after the fact for the fight or not. I hope someone can clarify that for you here.
  14. What made them actually decide to do away with them? I know a lot of people don't run disc drives anymore but it would still be nice to have a physical disc. I actually wondered a few years back why they didn't switch to USBs over discs but I am guessing it has to do with read time speed.
  15. Thanks guys, I got my answer. I thought this wouldn't be possible but I figured I would ask anyways so I knew for sure.
  16. This is what I thought. I must have missed when they were giving out two. I wonder why they changed that without even mentioning it was going to be before hand.
  17. I don't know if this is an option or not as it stands for games right now or if it will be an option when it comes to RDR2.... If I were to buy the game through the Rockstar Launcher, will I later be able to link the progress to my Steam account? By progress, I mean see everything I have done in the game and show unshockable awards.
  18. redscrew

    RDR2 PC Trial?

    GTA worked in the fashion of having a window for trial and error. If for some reason the game doesn't work on your computer, you can get refunded. I don't remember how much time they allowed for it though. May be 2 hours like Matt mentioned,
  19. You only get one of them free, not all of them. Unless I am misreading something. I think you get to pick which game you want as well.
  20. This is what I was talking about: I couldn't remember the name of it by a friend of mine owns one and he says it works great. A bit pricey but it is licensed.
  21. Don't they make PS4 controllers specifically for PC? I could have sworn some brands had them. I know the licensed Sony ones have some issues but work.
  22. I am guessing they will have a separate preorder option for this. It isn't even on Steam yet, I have checked. If not, I guess Steam players don't get any option for preorder perks.
  23. Like my momma always said, if it is a stupid question, you are likely to get a stupid answer. So no insult intended, yes, stupid. lol
  24. Each legendary drops 3 pelts, not just one. This is enough to make everything available if you have the other items. You can only kill them once though, for the record.
  25. redscrew


    For those of you who vape... I heard they are trying to get rid of fruit-flavored vaping liquids because of the kids using the stuff. Is this true in the US? My buddy is flipping out over it.
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