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  1. I'm not saying this is a great review but I will say mine would likely be a whole hell of a lot worse. lol The scenic parts are what I enjoyed the most about the game. The story was good and the general gameplay felt good but nothing beats looking at a game and thinking "damn, this looks amazing". I been playing since the early 90's, gaming has come a long, long way.
  2. Didn't even consider that. I didn't want to give up a solid horse and ride something that may not have been as good. I had a few crap horses man.
  3. Brushing is the way to clean them as far as I know. I never tried running mine through a river, but now I wish they had some kind of feature to wash them in the river.
  4. Maybe 40ish hours? I spent a lot more time offline on the game than online. Had more fun playing with myself, go figure lol
  5. Are you sure the players are twitching intentionally? Sometimes I am with some friends playing and they get glitched. They don't see it but everyone else does and their character is spazzing all over the place.
  6. Lucky you. I have issues almost every week. I stopped bothering with them like a month and a half ago. Seems like for some people, the issues only got worse. Not sure why this game is unevenly broken.
  7. I only have issues with the desperation act some guys put on for the girls who gobble it up. If you are a female who happens to enjoy gaming, good for you but don't turn it into the bachelorette with a bunch of underaged virgins.
  8. I noticed this Friday night. I got off my horse and was running on foot to do some hunting. When I whistled for my horse to come back to me, the items I put on the horse 15 minutes prior were nowhere to be found. I mentioned this to someone I game with and he said he thinks they end up at the camp but I didn't bother to confirm this.
  9. I don't really understand this. Like to me, it seems like they are basically saying "you have a problem with the game?" "throw money at us irl and we will make the problem go away!" What is this a mafia game now?
  10. This sounds like a major inconvenience. It might be worth screen grabbing the error and tweets it to them as well. Other people might chime in on Twitter and get more attention to it. I have seen it happen in the past.
  11. Same here. I was able to chonk out in like a few hours which is pretty hilarious. I like my dude being a porker. Not everyone was trim and fit back then. Leave my beer and bacon alone!
  12. I am fine with most of the changes they have done but there needs to be more that are inclined to players and less inclined to work in favor of them making money off the game. I know some others have mentioned it but I feel like they are heading down a bad path at the moment. Not so much on here but other places, talking with friends, people at the local Game Stop... A lot of people are walking away from the game already.
  13. Welcome! That is pretty cool you got a son who likes to game with you. My kid is too young to care. Hope you enjoy it here 😎
  14. Welcome to the forum dude. Hope you enjoy it here. One of the best forums I have been a part of in a long while.
  15. How are fast food joints around you guys? I typically get fast food 2 times a week, sometimes more if I am in a hurry or can't be bothered to cook. Anyways, I seem to always get my orders messed up. This is especially true for places like Burger King and Taco Bell. Like how the sam hell do they mess up my orders 90% of the time? Never used to be this way.
  16. I mostly like alternative rock from the 90's to early 2000's. I guess my favorite band overall would have to be Oasis. Favorite song? Anything by them really.
  17. I know someone who runs all his games off a beefy external drive. Said it works better than using what they give you are upgrading manually like you did. Let us know how it works out for you.
  18. In terms of body temp and overall comfort, would you rather deal with the heat or the cold? I am one of those people who would rather be cold than hot. I can warm up easy and cool down fast if I get too warm but if I am in hot weather, it takes me forever to cool off and I end up getting sick to my stomach.
  19. I take it you guys are getting plowed by the snow storms too? Going to be freaking freezing the next few days over here in PA. Like what the heck is going on? I like the cold and all but not when it is -25 degrees!
  20. Welcome @NerfThisBabe ! Did you play RDR by chance? I know quite a few people are new to Red Dead completely with RDR2.
  21. I like the idea of playing with people from various consoles in games but a lot of the features get canceled out. Like a PS player wouldn't be able to communicate with an XB player outside of gestures with their characters.
  22. I have a question dealing with this... I tried to start a few different missions and one of them prompted me to get into a wagon but the wagon was not there. Is this something people are seeing? I just want to see if it is a common issue before I contact Rockstar about it.
  23. If you have a male horse, the "package" is kind of hard to miss when you are riding it. I try to opt for females myself. I am not a fan of seeing big wiggly balls bouncing around under a horse tail when I am riding lol
  24. I will play with some friends, by myself, or with randoms. Most of the time, I am on by myself. This is because my work schedule is a mess right now. I get home at 11PM so I am up till like 6AM while my friends are going to sleep at 12 or 1AM.
  25. They may have put on a counter (timed) and will stop rewarding XP after so many kills so one player or a small group isn't killing off all the animals and NPCs on the servers. I don't know if this would be a thing or not but I wouldn't put it past them.
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