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  1. I just remember seeing commercials for it. The side effects list freaked me out. But then again, most drug commercials had strange/scary side effects.
  2. This is not an issue I am familiar with. Are you sure your computer isn't blocking anything? Make sure all folders/files for the game and the Rockstar launcher itself are not being blocked by any kind of virus or firewall on your computer. You can also try changing the resolution and lowering your graphics. The intro scenes might be crashing it. There is also a chance your save file was corrupted. Can you start a new game?
  3. They are working on fixing the issues. At least this is what someone on another forum confirmed. Who knows how long it will take or how much can/will break so we just have to be patient for now I suppose.
  4. I get being frustrated about issues in the game and players clearly cheating. Just don't take it out on people who are trying to be helpful. No one here is associated with Rockstar, we are all just fans and players of the game. I wish people would understand that. As for the issue with people hacking/cheating/using mods... This has always been an issue on PC. Those who are new to it, I am sorry you had to find out this way. The only thing you can do is report them and switch the lobby/session/server.
  5. If you want to play solo, sure. I know you are meaning this toward those who use mods though. It has been a growing issue.
  6. Got snow in both GTA V and RDR2 yesterday and earlier today. I haven't been on either since noon so not sure if it is gone or not. If I am not too tired in a bit, I will hope on. Honestly, I would have rather had a fireworks show at midnight than to have the snow come back.
  7. I still haven't be able to get this to work myself so I just gave up with it. Maybe it is glitched for me right now, who knows.
  8. Isn't Chantix addictive in and of itself? I am not sure if this is what I am thinking of but I am pretty sure one of the side effects is suicidal thoughts. Yikes! I think some people can just decide one day to stop and stop for good. It helps when you aren't friends with any smokers big time.
  9. Happy New Year everyone! I honestly didn't do anything exciting. Today, had dinner with the family. Part of tradition. Just got home. Going to go chill out shorty and catch up on some videos I missed the last week or so.
  10. Yeah it has a light Christmas overlay to it. I don't count that. I feel like that was nothing but marketing.
  11. Voted no. I never saw the film. I honestly just like getting under people's skin with pointless stuff. I have the same argument with my brother over the movie every Christmas. He is yet to win me over on it and get more and more pissed the older he gets. lol
  12. I ended up getting it. Got some early Christmas gifts, one happened to be money on Steam to buy a few games. I am enjoying the old school graphics and things seem to run pretty smooth but I know if I play it too much, I will grow tired of it.
  13. I like that. Cool way to keep order and keep the inspiration going for the club. Always been a fan of bike gangs. Thought it was a cool concept since I was a kid.
  14. I was getting kicked all day yesterday. It was annoying as hell but it seems to be fine now. This was the case on console though. PC seemed to be fine for me which was oddly strange.
  15. When in doubt, shut down the game and go back online. If that doesn't fix the problem, Check your limits. If everyone is able to still join other posses then there is an issue within your posse and it is worth hitting up Rockstar over.
  16. The reviews are no surprise and unless they fix the major issues in the game, it will likely stay mixed. I can't see it dipping into the negatives though.
  17. Glitched horses can be an issue. Like Kean suggests, stab it and get your other one out. Sometimes you will end up having items glitched onto a horse until they die.
  18. When I was growing up, I loved it. As I got older, I hated it. Now that I am at that age where you get married and start having kids, I kind of like it again.
  19. I was into wrestling when I was younger so it is a bit of a nostalgia sweet spot for me. My buddy told me I should get the game. I heard great things about it. I'll see if I get cash for Christmas, might get it this month.
  20. Nice. Been waiting for some new stuff like this to be added. Hoping this update includes some major fixes for PC as well.
  21. At this rate, the game might not even be on Steam till next fall LOL I sure hope this isn't the case but I would imagine they won't put it on there until the issues are sorted.
  22. What kind of hierarchical structure do you use to manage the group?
  23. I love me some eggnog. I used to hate it growing up and though it was the most nasty thing because I found out it was basically an egg drink and I don't like eggs all that much. I started drinking it a few years ago when my girl's dad mixed me a drink using it. It was a mint eggnog rum something but it was great. I have since cut out drinking for health reasons but still managed to enjoy the taste of eggnog. I now drink it every November/December.
  24. It is a picture of a red screw. I am not very creative. As my sister once said, I am creatively challenged and could mess up painting a room solid white.
  25. The preorder had some good deals on it but those likely won't come back for awhile. Steam, if the game ever gets on there, will likely have a decent sale on stuff closer to summer but that is a ways away.
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