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Cheat Codes are out


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Red Dead Redemption 2 has barely hit the shelves and already some players have discovered a few of the game's cheat codes.

In a similar fashion to Red Dead Redemption, the cheats are identical on both Xbox One and PlayStation 4, and appear as specific phrases found around the game world.

In order to unlock cheats in-game, you need to either progress with the main storyline or purchase newspapers from vendors found in major settlements, like Annesburg, Strawberry, Blackwater, Rhodes, Saint Denis and Valentine. Once you've unlocked a cheat code, you can enter it via the cheats menu. To access the cheats menu, you need to enter the pause menu, then navigate to settings, then select the cheats option.

Red Dead Redemption 2

So far the cheats discovered are pretty standard fare, including your usual weapon spawning, infinite ammo and horse/vehicle spawning cheats. We suspect some of the crazier gameplay altering cheats will be found later on and unlocking them might not be as straightforward as completing story missions or buying newspapers.

It is suspected that there are a total of 33 cheats in Red Dead Redemption 2. About half have been discovered so far, however players are constantly posting new discoveries so the list is growing with every moment. It's very likely that all cheats will be discovered and circulated online before the weekend is over.

Keep in mind that activating any cheat will automatically disable trophies on PlayStation 4 and achievements on Xbox One, so use them with caution. We keep a constantly updated list of cheats if you're interested in perusing them. As the game's launch window arrives in more and more regions of the world and the number of players increases, discovering these cheats will be quicker and easier.


It's unknown at this time whether there are any hidden or secret cheats, but with a game this popular, no easter egg will remain secret for long.

Keep an eye on our cheats page to track the discovered cheats!

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Please enable saves while using cheats like you did with RDR 1. I absolutely agree with disabling Trophies or Achievements while using cheats or any kind of stat ranking, but some people like myself just like to sit back and enjoy the game for it's story and gameplay and not for a challenge. The challenge will come in the multiplayer when it's released. 

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