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Wanted Dead or Alive


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Pay your bounty at a post office (envelope symbol on map).

It'll be quite high - around $300.  Dont enter the area until you've paid this off.  Getting the money to pay it off might take a while.

Dont think about moving on with the story until this is done.

It happens to everyone, not really your fault :)

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22 minutes ago, Mafisen said:

I didn't do a very good job of getting Micah out of jail in Strawberry so after shooting our way out of town, I ended up with a Dead or Alive wanted level.

Same, I really enjoyed that one.


17 minutes ago, YodaMan 3D said:

I got 2 words for ya, "Treasure Hunting"  and you're welcome.  It helps with the expenses a bit.

Have any more words for me? Like locations? lol

(I haven't actually looked at the maps yet)

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3 minutes ago, BropolloCreed79 said:

I wore my executioner hood

When/where can I get that? (I haven't really checked out clothing options at all)

I found a cat's skull that I've been using a lot. Not sure what kind of cat would have a skull that big, but it's bad ass.

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16 minutes ago, BropolloCreed79 said:

I must have been lucky.  Just did this last night and only had a $110 bounty.  I wore my executioner hood, and used deadeye liberally.


I was more pissed about the hit to my honor.


Really do not like Micah.  I wish I could have put a bullet in him instead.


Didn't wear the hood though. Just the bandana. It's been my highest bounty thus far at $110. Only part way through chapter 3.

I really hope we get to kill Micah. 

Very interesting how some people get much stiffer bounties and much more often...

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9 minutes ago, YodaMan 3D said:

Extra masks can be found at the Fences.  To clearify, bad people who buy your stolen goods, not some long wooden things that people use to keep you out of their yards. 

I just finally went there for the first time yesterday, but I don't think I looked at his stock at all.

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