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  1. This is an oxymoron yes? I agree completely. The forums are where the dedicated reside. But we're also a drop in the bucket of the actual player base. Nothing we say or do matters. This forum will die long before the game does. I guess this all depends on your definition of "a lot". My guess is, at most, they lose three percent. Peanuts. Personally, I don't think R* will reset anything, but they have every right to do so with no repercussions. Except the constant whining of it's players. Which we seem to do no matter what. Always something to bitch about right? I'm also not disagreeing with you at all @Euphoric77. If I were you there's no way I would (re)grind for that long just to be back where you are right now. Too many games coming out to do that. But people will. Hardly a blip for R*.
  2. If "crapstorm" means anonymous people complaining online while still playing the game on a daily basis then yes, there will be a crapstorm.
  3. Rockstar has straight up said this is only a beta and there is a chance everything will be reset. You spend money in the beta you run the risk of losing it. Even if they did a reset without a reward (which probably won't happen), the loss of players would be minimal. Everyone would bitch online because that's what everyone does, but they'd still play.
  4. You've been able to ride into Blackwater with no problems from bounty hunters?
  5. Braithwaite Manor. A pair of them spawn in when you search the fields. Usually one is 3-star.
  6. I noticed a difference on horseback after the first update. I think. Seems like when your weapon is out on horseback, even if you're not aiming, the camera stops auto centering your screen. Instead you have to move the reticle to center up. I didn't notice this before the update. Maybe I'm just oblivious and it was there all along.
  7. Cover scent lotion. Can't say enough about it. You can sneak right up on those bastards. Whistle, wait for them to start charging, dead eye arrow to the face.
  8. I would say it's a little bit of everything. Pure speculation here. They're the type to abuse exploits and glitches while calling it "meta" (dumb word) because, "if it was cheating it wouldn't be in the game." Anyone who gets the better of them is a "tryhard" and anyone who doesn't is a "noob". Terms they use way too often. They're convinced they're on the noble end of the argument. Mostly narcissists who can't tell the difference. Social media is life. All about likes and views.
  9. @Kormath I think you're referring to the Wildlife Art Exhibition challenge.
  10. I don't think you understand what "at all" means young sir. It is indeed a guess. But an educated one. Occam's Razor bub.
  11. This conversation has turned full turd. If you were as good as you think you are (top 3...ha), you would be using your skill professionally. Judging from the fact that your trying to get views on Youtube (also terrible), I'm guessing you aren't. This is blatantly false. Your post count completely contradicts your "at all" charge. I would vote that this thread be closed because you're just fighting with each other now.
  12. It's very tedious but really gets you familiar with the Bayou NWA/Kamassa river region. Manual save after every pluck. Keep moving along the bank of the river from Caliga Hall to Bluewater Marsh. Then south through the swamps of Lagras. Repeat. You'll get there. Sucks though. Probably knew all that already.
  13. All I learned from that is that diving out of the way seems to be way over used. Did you really create a thread on an internet forum to call yourself the best RDR player? That's turd city bro. Also, isn't this what everyone does in online? Aim-flick-fire? You're not too bad at making montage videos though. Need to work on your narcissism.
  14. If that's Gavin and you just spoiled it for me I'm going to be upset.... I mean, not that upset, but it's one of the few mysteries I'm still unaware of.
  15. Of course it will be pay to win. That's R*'s MO. Many other developers too. Why wouldn't it be? If the online portion of the game didn't make money, there would be no online portion of the game. Not that I agree, but we're not going to get the online game we want. Games like this cater to trolls. They pay real money to piss people off.
  16. This is textbook troll mentality. “I can do it but how dare you do it to me” Some are legit sociopaths who simply can’t make the distinction between right and wrong. The anonymity of the internet brings out the worst in some people.
  17. Found this guy in the prone position in Big Valley. Starting to rot.
  18. Fixed that for you. I've enjoyed this thread. If I had the final say in how this gets changed/fixed it would be this; Make senseless killing horribly inconvenient. Bounties that deplete your cash and if you can't pay, you can't play (jail) for a real life amount of time. Relentless waves of bounty hunters. Make committing terrible crimes come with terrible consequences. If you're willing to pay them, ok. But this doesn't seem to be the Rockstar way. The trolling is encouraged because they spend the money online. And if not for making money, online wouldn't be around. SALT MINES!!!!!
  19. It's a totally different story bud. Same universe, different story. Everyone starts online at Rank 0 That stuff costs real money in online. That's why it exists.
  20. This is what we always played IRL. That or "draw" dominoes. The "numbers" ones are fairly quick so I figured I could knock it out fast. Two hours last night and not a single win. Still gotta be missing a key strategy I think. It's virtually impossible to lose that much without rigged AI.
  21. Ok is there something I'm missing playing dominoes? I think I've lost 40 consecutive matches. Tried the All 5's game in St. Denis with a couple fellas and that proved a complete waste of time. Then played about 30 rounds of All 3's with Abigail in camp and she waxed me. I mean it was a blood bath. She almost seemed to have magical powers. Which led me to this, am I missing something? Is there a strategy that I'm not getting? I've played dominoes for many years, never the "multiples" variation in the game but they're all pretty similar, and I've never seen this level of luck. I almost feel like the game is rigged to a point where the NPC is choosing available dominoes from their own hand and the boneyard, unbeknownst to you. They always have the right play. I mean I'm losing games in incredible fashion. 87 points with a play to win and she pulls out the double 6 and busts me with 21 points. I drew 11 straight no plays from the boneyard the FIRST hand to finish with 13 and 83 points to the winner. Game over. I gotta be missing something.
  22. I was just hoping they would be able to curb it with an aggressive bounty system but it doesn't look like that's happening. Make it so killing other players comes with a harsh bounty and hunters at every corner. Make it so continuing to play the game after committing murder is burdensome and frustrating. Zero fun and costly to erase. Rockstar doesn't want that though. Or they would have done it. Hell, they did it in single player.
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