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Red Dead Redemption 2 Delay Survival Guide


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Rockstar Games recently announced that the highly anticipated Red Dead Redemption 2 will be delayed until Spring 2018, thus completely ruining the plans eager fans had made for the latter months of this year.

Originally slated for Fall 2017, Red Dead Redemption 2 has made some immense waves in the media since its announcement, even though barely any game details have been shared.

So, how are we going survive the wait?


Even though at the same time they announced its delay, Rockstar also released the very first screenshots of the game, that’s no consolation. 7 years have gone by since the launch of Red Dead Redemption which catapulted the franchise into the spotlight.

Remembered as a true classic, RDR had fans clamoring for a sequel – or even just a PC port – ever since it launched. And now, when we were so close to jumping back into Rockstar’s fictional Wild West world for another adventure, the wait has been extended.

We’ve already covered a few games you might want to play in anticipation of Red Dead Redemption 2, but there are plenty of things to do beyond the realm of the virtual in order to pass the time between now and next Spring. That said, the first entry on this list might ring more than just a little familiar.

Replay Red Dead Redemption

Not only will you brush up on the events of the previous game right before jumping into the sequel (or prequel), but you’ll be spending your time with one of the most fantastic open-world games of the last console generation. Red Dead Redemption has aged well and looks great even today, and thanks to Backwards Compatibility on Xbox and the PS Now stream service for PlayStation, you can enjoy the title on your current gen consoles as well.


Waiting for Red Dead Redemption 2 has undoubtedly put fans in a mood for Western games, and while this list has a few nice entries, no game is quite like Red Dead Redemption, thus they can’t really scratch the same itch. Plus, with all the time between Spring 2018 and now, you’ll have the chance to comfortably explore every nook and cranny in the game, achieve 100% completion and hunt down every achievement.

What better way to jump into Red Dead Redemption 2 than with the knowledge that you completely maxed out the predecessor?

Manically Analyze The Screenshots

Have you put the images through retouch analyzers? Have you magnified them several times in an attempt to discern new details? Have you pored over every individual pixel in each shot? If the answer to any of those questions is “no”, then what are you waiting for? The key to the entire plot of Red Dead Redemption 2 could be hidden in those screenshots.

What if there are secret messages? What if they need to be looked at upside down on a CRT monitor with the menu screen of Red Dead Revolver burned into the film layer while playing José González’s “Far Away” at half-speed backwards?


On a serious note, it has been proven time and again that approaching pre-release screenshots with a meticulous eye can reveal details the developers haven’t officially let slip yet. Of course, there are tons of other people doing it, most likely better than you, and posting YouTube videos about it, so you can always just watch those instead. But nothing quite compares to making the groundbreaking discovery that, yes, Red Dead Redemption 2 will have dual wielding, yourself.

Make Art


Reddit user Larryblaw has already taken this piece of advice to heart and turned one of the recently revealed screenshots into a stunning acrylic painting with surprisingly little red in it. Not only is this a fantastic piece of art, but the time taken to make it is time not spent chewing your nails off while intently staring at the promotional images of Red Dead Redemption 2.

Between the previous game, the trailer and now the screenshots, there is plenty of material to take inspiration from, and it’s not like painting is the only way to go. Carving, drawing, modelling or any other visual art form is a great way satisfy your creative urges and make the wait more bearable.

And if you have about as much artistic talent or skill as a fish suffering from carpal tunnel’s syndrome (much like myself), you can always try your hand at pixel art.

Write Fan Fiction

Actually, please don’t.


Live action role playing is one of the best ways to get arrested without actually doing anything wrong, provided your neighbors don’t fancy a reenactment of the battle at Helm’s Deep in your back yard where your mates show off their much too realistic Uruk-Hai costumes – or in this case, cowboy bandit outfits.


Seriously though, LARPing has become fairly widespread in most countries, and while the majority of the groups dealing with this pastime are fantasy oriented, getting together a Wild West LARP group shouldn’t be all too difficult in this age of social media connectivity. Chances are there are plenty of people in your area secretly wishing to play out their Wild West fantasies in a community that wouldn’t shun them for it.

Discuss Theories

Whether you engage in Red Dead Redemption 2 oriented discussion via the dedicated Subreddit or our own forums, brainstorming with fellow fans about what the game might be like is one of the best ways to get your Red Dead fix without actually playing the game.

Of course, getting emotionally invested in really cool ideas has some drawbacks, as it might make the wait even worse, not to mention that you’ll be setting yourself up for disappointment when it turns out that the designers omitted (with good reason most likely) your big idea from the actual game.

The amount of mystery surrounding Red Dead Redemption 2 has lead to a lively discussion about a wide range of possibilities. Which characters will return? Is it a sequel, a prequel, or both? Where will the map be located compared to the one in RDR? Will there be train robberies? Will the next-gen hardware allow for console players to experience the sight of freshly fallen rain dynamically glisten on the loins hair of the various NPCs you’ll encounter in the game world?

Learn to ride a horse


Seeing as equine transportation was more or less the only available method of traversing the rough terrain of the frontier back in the day, as trains only connected major settlements, characters inhabiting the Red Dead world had to learn this skill unless they wanted the coarse desert sand to chew through a pair of shoes every three months. Since you’re so hot on the topic of a Wild West game, how about you learn how to ride in real life? Of course, it’s a tad more complex than pressing 2 buttons on a controller, but it’s entirely doable. After all, at worst the horse will only trample you to death, right?

But Really

You could always just push Red Dead Redemption 2 to the back of your mind and follow whatever news pops up over the coming months while focusing on more important things… Actually, yeah, I’ll stop right there. Such nonsense.

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I joined for this reason really. I needed an outlet. The game is old to my boyfriend and he is not really interested in talking about it lol 

Also, I feel like talking our theories is a great way to pay the time we have to wait till the game is released. 

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I just play other games. I know at first the delay sucked but it is to the point where it is what it is and life goes one. 

I got some games recently that I will likely enjoy all summer. Plus I should be getting a Switch soon. No big deal. 

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On 6/4/2017 at 10:11 PM, shawn said:

I just play other games. I know at first the delay sucked but it is to the point where it is what it is and life goes one. 

I got some games recently that I will likely enjoy all summer. Plus I should be getting a Switch soon. No big deal. 

Yeah I can keep busy no problem. I like talking about the game but I know not to only focus my time on thinking about when it will finally be released. 

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What about watching some cowboy series or movies as well? I thought I read this on the list but I noticed it isn't there the second time I am looking. There were a lot of really good series. I for one loved Deadwood! 

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On 6/8/2017 at 0:12 AM, Marco Polo said:

I just can't believe it's another year of waiting. We will all be ravenous by the time the game arrives! I plan to spend it playing GTA Online and Overwatch :D

You sound like my friend. He said the same thing. I have yet to play Overwatch myself but he is dying for me to get the game. I may have to since we have all these months to wait for the next game. 

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