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Crap Mom/Dad was right about


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I remember seeing a thread like this on reddit or something and the responses were quite funny to read. 

So just share things your mom or dad told you when you were younger that they were right about. 

I will start off by saying that when I had my first serious relationship (17) my mom told me straight up she though my girlfriend was a slut. She didn't outright say slut but I know what she meant. I was mad at her at the time but 3 years later I found out she had slept around on me and was actually pregnant by one of the dudes. He came and told me because he didn't want it and she said she was going to lie to me and pretend it was mine. Pretty messed up stuff. Stopped talking to her right then and there. I think she moved back to some other state to live with her mom (she had lived with her father) to help raise it. I wish I had just dumped her when my mom said that. I would not have wasted 3 years and missed out on another girl in my life who really liked me at the time. She is married now and we talk now and then. 

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15 hours ago, Jamesie said:

They said one day we would also not like the new music being made (and we'd call it crap just as they used to call our music crap). Ha, they were right!

They weren't right about me getting to like opera though...

I was going to mention this as well. I started hating mainstream music mid 2000's (probably around 05/06). It seems it has greatly declined in value and talent. I mainly listen to underground music or remix versions of songs from video games. It is all about hip hop and rap these days, two genres I can't stomach. That, or heavy metal. I don't like screaming either. lol

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