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Races: Beware of Gold Nugget Farmers!


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Had damn near 2 hours in a single race lobby, clawing after that Real Deal trophy (MVP 3 times) and at one point, there were 2 players who were clearly cheesing the game by rubberbanding their controllers to ride in a circle to stay "active" so they can farm free/easy gold nuggets since completing a race automatically gives you 1 and at least $1 cash.

Normally I wouldn't care, hell, extra padding to the player count so there's for sure more than 4 players for the trophy, but when the game starts you immediately behind these guys, your horse gets injured right off the hop because they're unavoidable. Not to mention, certain lap races have you passing them, still circling in the middle and right on the finish line.

I did my best to vote to kick both (Sadly if there's more than one, you can only vote to kick one). The first one got 2 votes so he left willingly, but the last guy managed to stay in for well over an hour. After every race, I was the first one to vote to kick him. Eventually others started catching on and were voting too. We finally got enough votes to kick him... BUT HE STAYED IN SOMEHOW. It needed 5 votes, we hit 5/5 votes to kick, then it switched to 1/5 votes when a 6th player voted. I didn't see his avatar in the lineup, so I thought we did it but sure as hell, he's at the starting line in game, spinning in a circle!

I finally got my 3rd win/MVP, so I JOYFULLY left - but the trophy didn't pop... My stats confirm I have 3 race wins. I recall being named MVP 3 times (over 2-3 days)

Frustrated is an understatement...

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I haven't raced yet.. 

But im just wondering..  Do race payouts increase based on how many players in the race lobby?

Wouldn't afk player just end up helping the people racing by increasing the payout over all? 

If thats the case afk players seem ok to me..lol

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