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amazing details


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This game has amazing details. I was in Saint Denis helping the painter with an art show and noticed the pictures hanging on the wall they were the photographs I helped the other guy take, horses, alligator, etc...this one was from the very first side mission way before the painter even entered the game. 

I'm impressed with the story lines and plots of this game.



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Yesterday I was enjoying a robbery which I forgot to use mask in. Of course someone told the police and Arthur got a bounty. I was riding my horse and saw a smoke and decided to rob the guy at the camp but the dude was nice and just invited me to sit by the fire with him. 

As I was cooking my meal by the smell of burnt wood and warmth of fire the men tried to engage in conversation. Soon he started to ask where I am from and get suspicious about my face until he realized I’m an outlaw and kicked me out of his camp. It’s a minor detail but I love it so much.

Another thing that caught my attention was when I have bought a new revolver and everybody in camp complemented me about my new firearm. 

Big shoutout to Rockstar

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