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A rambling hello


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Hi cowpokes, how you all doing?
It's a great game isn't it? I've been gaming since the 80s, first using a Spectrum 48k which was both lovable and a bit rubbish and since then I've been waiting for a decent game set in the Wild West to appear and at long last it's here.
I somehow missed out on the first Red Dead, probably cos I was mainly a PC gamer except when playing Tiger Woods golf round a friends. So many drunken hours spent golfing. Ah, happy days.

Quick disclosure; despite my name and my PS4 RDR2 character, MaryDoubleYou, I'm a bloke. It became a tradition for me to play as a woman after oh-so many hours playing in-game as a male. I think it was Dragon Age that caused the change. All of a sudden I could wear armour that didn't have spikes poking out everywhere and the voice acting seemed a bit better and after that I was hooked.

Anyway, the online version, despite a few glitches, is brilliant isn't it! This is the first game that's compelled me to buy the online component and it's a whole new world of fun, if a little daunting at first. And this is my first time on a gaming forum, so hello once again.
I'm well looking forward to posse-ing up once the game starts proper. There seems to be little reason to posse up at the moment so I'm basically doing what a lot of us are doing and making money and souping up my weapons, saving up for a decent horse.

Well, I've rambled on long enough. Nice to meet you all.


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Yes, it is VERY addicting and even though there's not a lot to do in beta I can't seem to get enough of it. Even when the in-game economy was a bit rubbish I didn't mind cos I love the hunting and fishing aspect of it too.
But seriously, I should have bought the Xbox One though. It seems all my meat-space friends did. I just assumed they'd bought a PS4 but nooooooo, they didn't.

Anyway, nice one, DLKnives. May you never be hogtied and thrown off a bridge :D


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Welcome friend! So many people are focusing all their gaming time on RDR2 and it is easy to understand why. I haven't touched another game since it came out. I am sure I will get a few games for Christmas so I will be spicing things up a bit but RDR2 is my main game for at least another 3 months. 

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Cheers Skrylaxx.
Playing as a female is fun. Some people rather than just shoot you will stand there waving for minutes at a time. Others who don't realise my mic settings are switched on don't realise I can hear them calling me a b*tch as they lasso me.
Silly misogynists!

Hiya DiamondDave.
Same here. I haven't touched another game since this one's release...well, apart from that free poker game on the PS4 that I play after too many drinks (I can't remember what it's called). The last game that took all my time up was Horizon Zero Dawn but that didn't have any online component. But what a game! 10/10.

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2 minutes ago, MaryW said:

".......... once the game starts proper ............"

Ciao Mary, finally a girl ! lol

You said it right....once it starts proper...hope in 2019. ATM I don't use online, so see you in a posse in a few months or whenever.

But.....if Borderlands 3 comes out or something else....well....we might never meet.... I wouldn't wait too long if I was RockSt@r


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Ciao Mpegforever.
Borderlands....yes, love it too. Even that Tales From The Borderlands was brilliant. Great fun.

I hope RockStar go full online soon, this XP and money making grind can get a bit tedious but I'll not buy gold until I know what I need it for.

PS I'm a bloke but chose a woman's profile cos I got bored years ago playing as a male. The women's clothes in games are usually much better, lol.


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