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What is the maximum number of members for Posses?



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as others have said 4 and 7

You can create a free posse or buy a permanent one. when you are new you wont have the $200 to form a persistent posse. Either way these posse's are locked at 4 members, it is possible to increase your posse to 7 but you need 2 things...

1. you need to BUY a persistent posse (which also allows you to name it

2. Upgrade to large camp (press left on D pad and select camp settings)

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Actually....i think you can have MORE than 7 but only 7 active at anytime. I think I counted 11 spots when you click on your posse and go to "members". Until I saw this I thought the same as the previous replies. It makes sense that you could recruit more players than just the max number of active online players TBH. This way, when a few are offline you can still run a full 7 member posse. I havent had enough players to test this for confirmation however.

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