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  1. Sinclair ZX Spectum 48K (remember Manic Miner, ATIC ATAC, Hungry Horace !!)
  2. Commodore C64, with cassette, disk drive and monitor
  3. PC 286
  4. AMIGA 1000 with external hard disk
  5. PC 486
  6. MacIntosh LC
  7. MacIntosh LCIIx
  8. MacIntosh LC475
  9. Pentium 4
  10. an infinite number of company laptops....
  11. i7 16GB R9 ATI etc etc desktop
  12. ASUS RoG gaming with GTX1060    -> for STEAM platform
  13. Enough.

Play with PS4 (X360 and SLIM in the past)

Ciao !

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Oldest PC I had was probably an Intel 32-bit processor with Windows 3.1.  We also had terminal-like computers in my house before that, but they were mostly for dialing into an inventory/bookkeeping system.

My personal PC's have just been constantly upgraded.  My current specs are an i7 6700K, GTX 1070.

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I honestly can't tell you. I mean if I actually tracked the models that would help. I know my first computer I had growing up (family computer) was a Compaq. The second one was a bulky Dell. Then I had several laptops that were mine. My first one was a Gateway. I still have it even though I can't turn it on. Fried it downloading torrents. Ahh, the good old age of being young and dumb. My current PC is a custom build. I would have to check what is in it cause I changed stuff out like 3 or 4 times already. 

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I was desperate for something I could play alone and out came the Atari 2600. Man did I play the heck out of it with those blocky graphics but great games.

First PC was a IBM Aptiva in '97 with a gigantic 500MB HD. Games like Madden were all DOS back then if I remember right.

Been buying Xbox since they came out, now have a Xbox1X. 

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Apple II was my first computer, my friend made it from scratch. There were schematics available for it on various university mainframes, ARCHIE could find them. The components were all off the shelf, Apple sourced their parts from suppliers the US military used so it was easy to burn a board and solder the electronics. And yes, the clones had the same problem as the early Apples, they had no internal cooling fan for the CPU and after being on for a few hours it would shut down. There were so many varieties of PC before IBM came out with their model, it is hard to keep track. All of them were extremely expensive, the IBM PC was 10 grand (CDN) when it came out and after two or three months the hard drive would fail in the majority of the models. I have never used a Seagate hard drive since then.

The first games that I played were on an IBM mainframe, I had access to the University networks so there were lots of options, Zork, Asteriods and game theory simulations were the main ones. Most of my gaming has been done on a PC, I didn't switch over to consoles until the PS3 came out, console games, especially the Nintendo didn't support multi player online and collecting bananas really isn't my thing. lolol

Our family, my children have always had Nintendo and Sony consoles from the get go, they stiil swear the Nintendo 64 was the best but I always felt restricted using those systems. In my view consoles weren't a viable online multi player option until about 5 years ago.

Never got into Apple games. their systems were always so expensive, IBM clones were cheap and easy to assemble but security was/is always a problem. Apple was not into networks until after the Mac came out.

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Apple ][+ was my first computer as a kid. I think a week later Apple released the Apple ][e. 
Commodore 128
Amiga 2000. I think it came with an extra 2MB or RAM!
IBM 386 or 486, I can't remember which. I think that was a FAST 33mHZ.. I sort of remember getting a SoundBlaster Card for it for better sound and music in games. 
A SNES around that time.
Pentium @ 90mhz. Later I upgraded the processor to 166mhz. Thanks, Fry's.
A N64 around that time. 
Several more PCs that I forget. Got to do some home LAN gaming around this time.
PS1, then PS2, and a Dreamcast around this time.
An Alienware with 2 GTX 6800s in SLI mode. SLI was new. This was right before dual core PCs came out for the public.
Some dual-core PC.
A PS4 - I got this so I could play the Bloodborne exclusive. I upgraded it to a 1 TB SSD.
Cyberpower PC I got in Nov 2014. I forget the processor speed, but I think it's around 4~4.5 gHz. 32 GB Ram, GTX1080 w/ 8GB Ram, 3.5 TB SSD (3 SSDs) + 2 TB HD, 3440x1440 100mhz monitor. Been gradually upgrading it with a new Video card, SSDs, and Monitor. 
A PS4 Pro. I swapped in my PS4's SSD on this. The 2 PS4s are set up at home and fun for multiplayer gaming with a buddy.
I almost got an XBOX-X recently. It could be fun to play MP with friends, and it might be useful to have a 4k Blue Ray player, on my 4K TV. 
I've been itching to get a new gaming PC. For that could be fun for doing home LAN gaming again. But will have to wait to see how 2019 goes workwise before doing that. 


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