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It's a kicked from server day.


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G'day all.

Well, I've come straight from the game onto here because I keep getting dropped from the server. It's crap you lose what's stored on your horse time and time again. especially when you're spending time money grinding.
But, not being one to moan and gripe I'll do something else instead...might cook a curry and call my mate over for a smoke :D


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Yeah, Suk3rP, some days are worse than others but not really too bad. Sometimes when it kicks me I think, yeah, I'd better stand up and walk about for a bit anyway, lol.
And yes, Yoda, ain't it crap when you have a nice stash of pelts and, boom, they're gone. It'd be nice to be able to just store a nice pelt here, another an hour later and they'd still be there to sell whatever happens.
Even when I stash a muskie-fish I think, god, I gotta get this sold right now....clippety clop clippety clop clippety clop. And the horse says, nurr hurr hurr :D


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Yeah, I got kicked a couple times last night and also the night before.

It's funny.....  Never really used to happen to me until after the patch that was supposed to resolve it.

We need to make sure to continue sending feedback to R* when stuff like this happens.

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