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Confederate/Yankee uniform online?


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Hey guys,

is there any way to get some nice confederate / yankee uniform online?

Because i know that there are such hats and maybe even the uniform in the story mode but never found those things in Red Dead Online. Or let me guess....its gonna come for some nice big goldbars to the store someday....

Btw: Did i see this correctly: there are many clothings that are not included in the online mode which we could find in the story mode, right?!

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Rumor has it that some of the clothes will be added as vanity items, when the game is officially released.  Whenever that happens?   Rumors I have heard every update is suppose to have something hidden to find clothing wise.  I haven't seen anything yet and I go through the catalog for new weapons and gear all the time.

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I am waiting for some new clothing items myself but like with all rumors, they are just rumors and no one really knows what the hell is going on. Rockstar keeps everything under lock and key until they want us to know. 

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