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What kinds of games do you enjoy most?


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We can talk like types such as FPS, RPG, ect or you can just share what games you like exactly. 

I have always been partial to FPS games in general but when they have a solid story line, it really sucks me in. I also enjoy sandbox style games like Minecraft which shocks me. I was never one to be "creative" but it is a fun game to relax and enjoy when you want to distress. 

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MMORPG, shooters (3rd and first person) and most sports games are it for me. Racing and other games, not so much. I did used to like racers, but there has been no good racing game on Playstation for I don't know how long. Yes, GT Sport is looking good, but who knows when that might come out. Sony has disappointed me like crazy in that regard. Forza on the other hand is a very nice racing series.

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MMORPG (was a long-time WoW player) and open world games (currently a GTA V player). I'm liking the life balance you can maintain more when playing GTA though... WoW really sucked away a few years.

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RTS and FPS are my two top ones and also in that order. I hated RPG style games in the past but I don't mind them as much anymore provided they are not too turn based. I also do not like the quick time event crap that a lot of games have these days like in the tomb raid games where you need to push Q, wait....push E, wait...push X...wait, Push E...die and repeat. Makes it more like a movie then a game which is not for me.

One more I don't like is walking simulators. Things like Soma are very close this this with a lot more like Dear Esther as the most boring thing ever that I ran as a so called game.

I also like good puzzles but not found too many in a while.

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