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  1. there is even a petition for this now, to get the god mode inserted by rockstar - https://www.change.org/p/rockstar-games-rockstar-add-invincibility-cheat-code-to-red-dead-redemption-2
  2. I'll be doing this too. Don't want to get too far behind!!
  3. I'm exhausted just reading that. It's been an emotional rollercoaster, but after we avoided a delay the end is in sight!
  4. First gameplay trailer for Wild West Online
  5. Yep, this. Cool idea, but nah, it just wouldn't work in this kind of game!
  6. If there's one thing that MS undeniably has over Sony it's the controller. The Xbox controller is so much better than PS (and I have a PS4).
  7. lol! how many do you usually get?
  8. Sony would have been pretty disappointed/annoyed with the delay too I bet. Means they need to wait also, to take advantage and see some returns themselves on the deal.
  9. I voted June, I've learned to always expect the worst, then you are never disappointed.
  10. I'll just leave this here...
  11. Couldn't have summed it up better myself.
  12. These shots look awesome, well done!
  13. Hmmm that would be a major slip of the tongue if he was correct... I wonder what will happen!
  14. At this point in time I'd take a "wake up tomorrow and know the slightest bit of information more about the game"
  15. FAAAAAKKE IMO having looked at it. The kid is now also referring to "RDR3". He made an awesome fake though.
  16. OK the original leaker (on GTAF) just posted this too: I am calling bullshit right now. The first one looked like it could be legit, this second one. NO WAY IN HELL. It's called "Red Dead Online" not "Wild West Online". Lame.
  17. At this stage, f*$k knows Every day it seems like more rumors and speculation is posted (only natural I guess). People just wanna know wtf is going on.
  18. Don't know whether to laugh or cry
  19. For me: State of Decay 2 Need for Speed Assassins Creed Plus Red Redemption 2 of course!!!!!
  20. Yet another Tuesday down and still no news. Man this is becoming depressing
  21. Honestly I change my mind on this every other day. Sometimes it's this year, sometimes next. I'm picking Oct/Nov for the purposes of this poll though. Who freaking knows though!
  22. Rumor has it could be this guy composing the soundtrack...
  23. We are reaching desperation territory for a lot of fans Why is Rockstar doing this to us! PS: No, I think no delay
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