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Waiting lobby suggestion


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I think you may have hyperactivity issues. Don't you like to breathe between games? Let the adrenaline levels dip just a bit? Don't you like to check out the competition, make value judgements about their sad lives and cutting comments about their sad clothes?  I know I do...

You want me to saddle up, hunt, pick some seasoning, cook my supper, AND have a free-for-all before bedtime..?

Oh! And it's not even bedtime, it's back into another game!


You young'uns...

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16 hours ago, Bezuglinator said:

While waiting for each game to load, put us I a small lobby where there is a limited amount of herbs animals. And a few campfires for crafting. The campfires are safezones, and the rest is free for all.  I think this would be an awesome addition!! Thoughts?

think you should go to Rockstar's website and add this as a suggestion, this isn't an official forum and most use the waiting lobby to grab a bite to eat, get a drink etc. 


4 hours ago, cory206 said:

You young'uns...

🤣 🤣 Sums it up perfectly!

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5 minutes ago, Harlock1796 said:

Much too busy!

But I do wish that you could change your ability card loadout, in the same way as your weapon and outfit loadout, in the lobby.

Make the suggestion to R*.  I think it's a good idea and one that others have expressed as well:


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