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A beard to be feared!

Bag of Nuts

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On 2/6/2019 at 4:07 AM, Syrens said:

Hair tonics, sleep, and beyond chapter 5 is the way to go it would seem.



One beard to rule them all!

I prefer to keep facial hair at a 4. Perfect balance of natural ruggedness and social acceptability. Except for missions for Mary, I dressed up nice and clean shaven for those.

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20 minutes ago, Suck3rPunch3d said:

A little stumble or a clean short beard game is tight but the full-blown bird nest... I will never understand the appeal for the men who sport that or the women who like it. 

Real men aren't scared of razors at their throat ;)  That and we don't like our facing itching like mad 24/7 

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