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Arthur is a classic bounty hunter


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"You got some money for me boy?" 

"I seen your name in our ledger." 

It would appear that our new character is a bounty hunter/debt collector for Dutch. Another scene shows him threatening to keep a guy's mother as payment for his father's debts. 

Dutch - "Do you have my bag?"

Arthur ; "Always Dutch."

I feel like this story may end up being more fulfilling than the last simply because you play as part of the gang and a VERY important role in said gang at that. He appears to be Dutch's right hand man. 


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7 hours ago, GatoNegro said:

Yeah when he says "I'll keep her in black" he is referring to ink and signing her name off as debt payment on the ledger. 

I really did not expect this of the main character but I am already in love with the idea behind it. 

Nice idea but what he actually means is she will be still wearing black as she'll have to attend his funeral as well as his dad's...

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Who cares what he wants! I loved that scene in the trailer. I actually like that Arthur is a bounty hunter of sorts as well. I would say more of a "debt collector" but either way. I think he is coming off very dry which can be good. Specially if John makes an appearance. 

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