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Weapon Caliber Info & Repeater Advantages


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37 minutes ago, jnaron_ngc said:

I was looking around for calipers of weapons and have found very little.

Can anyone point me to these info?

Also why do repeaters have an advantage in the head shot area? Which one to pick?

Well, there really is no caliber information in RDR2.  It's simply not something that is factored in although weapons do have their own attributes / stats to add balance and variety.  In the game, the type of ammo is decided by class (e.g. Rifle, Shotgun, Repeater, etc.).  Any other difference is not considered except for the type of loads they are.

If you're talking about the real life equivalents to the weapons you find in the game, that can vary a bit depending on the weapon.  Where to find one specific reference for all real life counterparts of the guns from the game may be a bit difficult.  However, here is a video that goes over a good chunk of them.  I believe Greg (Hickock45) speaks to the type of ammunition as well.  He's a great teacher and quite modest.  For many gun owners / enthusiasts like me, he is really well liked.


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1 hour ago, jnaron_ngc said:

I seem to be the only one interested in this subject.

No, I have an interest in the topic of guns in general.  The question is, did my earlier post help answer any of your questions?  

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