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Which Is the better horse??



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23 hours ago, DNMNetTech said:

2. Missouri Fox Trotter

I think it has the best overall balance of Healt, stam, and acceleration. With Good saddle can run all day. Also both look great, aren't as skiddish, and have a good size.

Arabians have the best balance of stats and are the best horse in the game.  Turkoman is 2nd then foxtrotter if you go by the majority of the online guide sites.

CoatBase     SpeedBase     Acceleration    Health    Stamina


Rose Grey           6                        6                     7              7  

Black                   6                         6                     6              6

White                  6                         6                     5              5


All coats              6                         5                     7              5      


Both coats         7                         5                      5             6

For me i just like the way the arabians look over the others, snow white horse with a black/blue mane was my first play through, then a night black horse with red mane and tail,  I didn't change much on the Rose grey, i liked the default look.  At level 4 bonding they're no more skittish than the foxtrotter or turkoman, maybe even less so but there's no way to show that other than my experience in the swamps with both.  I've trampled crocs with the arabian where doing the same thing with the foxtrotter (full sprint through the bayou) it shyed away from them.  So maybe the foxtrotter has more smarts not to trample the croc?  lol

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