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RDR2 online first impressions


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So, this update has so many great additions to the game IMO.

One of the things I really enjoy is that you can encounter random events happening around the world that I never saw before.

In one instance, I saw white dots lighting and fading as I heard gun shots, I checked my mini map and saw nothing, so I rode my horse over to have a look.

What I found was a wagon train wrapped in a defensive circle with several outlaws attacking the travelers, I was alerted to help protect the travelers from the bandits, Del Lobo's I suppose as I was in Southern New Austin.

I thought that was great fun and unexpected.

Also found a treasure map and it was loaded, it was 1.86 Gold, $163 cash, and other stuff, I forget at the moment but I remember thinking this is great!!


What I noticed with the new hostility system was I was suddenly allowed to go anywhere I wanted in the game.

What do I mean by that?

Well, in the past I avoided Valentine, St Denis, Blackwater, etc.. because other than the butcher the only thing to do in those locations was be attacked, so I just never went.

People that attack other players who are hunting and fishing and just walking around were so thick I would literally change the way I played the game and this is why they needed to do something about it.

With my anxiety it was easier to just not go than to go and be disappointed with the actions of strangers, it would just make me mad and then re-enforce the idea of avoiding people in this game.

Now with this update I decided to put it to the test, I went to Valentine and parked my horse, I figured I need to go to the Dr, the Gunsmith and the butcher, so let's go and see what happens.

Well what happened was there were people everywhere but not killing one another, it was great to be able to walk down the street and go in the saloon, play a few hands of poker, then go to the Dr, then the gunsmith, all walking slowly, it was very pleasing and it felt the way it oughta be.


You should be able to go into any town you want without the fear of being shot at by someone for no reason other than existing, it just wasnt realistic and really put a shadow on the game, BUT now it feels very natural and organic to me.

So, the idea that I can now go anywhere with a much lower fear of being attacked by other players for no reason really is a game changer for me, I love it.

This way I can play and enjoy the game the way I want too, not the way a bored stranger wants too.

So now it has a whole new feeling like anything is possible, Tumbleweed was another spot it was very hard to get in and out of town without being attacked by someone, and it just became a hassle so much so I would just avoid the whole place, and that bugged me that I wasnt able to enjoy the game the way I wanted unless I wanted to accept that strangers are going to negatively interact with me for no reason when I least expected it, I just opted not to go.


Yesterday it felt great to just ride into any place I wanted with no anxiety, yeah sure I ran into a few people who definitely would have been the aggressive p;layers usually, and one still was, but dealing with them now is so easy and they seem to be very few and far between, this one aspect made my time in game so enjoyable it was great!!

The new outfits, clothing, hats, etc.. are really good, and the Lamat looks a lot better than it did in my first impression.

I had to grind out $1200 last night and it went so fast, because I didnt have to change my routes, or constantly check the mini map, etc.. it was great fun and made the grind so much better.

I cant wait to get back in.

All in all the new story missions, stranger mission givers, random events, new weapon, poncho's, sombrero looking hat, etc..all made the game better to me.

I cant wait to explore more and do more missions, I havent even checked out pvp at all yet as I want to wrap up my grind first, I am 9 levels away from being done with grinding for stuff, and I cant wait!!


What were your first impressions?




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I think it is definitely a step in the right direction.

There was not as much big content in terms of houses, wagons, and upcoming roles, but I can't complain. Mostly because it seems they have fixed a lot of the bugs that plagued the game when doing stranger missions, hunting etc. So the dynamic events and outfits were all bonuses to me.

I really like the new payouts too for missions dan treasure loot, as it seems to add a bit more balance to the game.

All in all, I gotta say I am starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. For awhile I was getting frustrated and fed up. So this is truly giving me hope. 

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they should have done something to reward people that grinded the beta... submitted complaints a la @Kean_1, as a side reward... a lot of things catered to the noob... and I still have nothing to spend my ton of gold on

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My first initial impression was "about god dam time". I've been playing Red Dead Redemption 2 from the very start and it's very nice to see Red Dead Online really come along and get more interesting because the beta was really boring. I know it was a beta and all, but still, us hard core Red Dead Redemption fans was running out of things to do, and I was second thinking about just doing the entire campaign over again and find stuff I didn't do along the story. 

Honestly, I'm really liking the new Red Dead Online and things are just going to get better from here on out (I hope). 

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got mixed feelings about defensive mode and this my experience so far…


3 idiots tried to break through defensive mode.  1 tried machete and disappeared, 1 tried arrows/poison arrows and both did nothing and they stayed blue.  1 tried gun and he turned red and shortly dead.


So my mixed feelings, which are the other side of the coin...


Part of the strategy of this game, from day one, was to avoid getting shot.  Old days you just looked at the map and planned accordingly. Then the dots where just when you where close, still doable.  Plenty of back ways in and out of town.


Defensive mode seems to be a good way to protect large loads.

But I'm surprised R* is allowing this as it is just uninterrupted $ farming

.. and you kinda living in a bubble now.  There is little to no risk and it's a hunting sim with PVP modes... although i admit sometimes I enjoy just grinding.

I don't like that it's got to be a gunshot b4 they turn red. Gonna have to switch to offensive and may try wrestling or running them over with horse.

Then it seems like Pinkertons got extra men now and just swarm.  You either kill/loot them till they get you or you run away. You still get a bounty on retaliation if you don't run.


I just think you play with fire be prepared to get burned. People want to take shots at me or try to steal my junk they going face consequences and I enjoy it.


It's not really the wild west if their no risk.


On the other side of the coin, allot of the psycho boy potshotters hit and run anyway.

I don't know, how many more months I'm going to just Hunt b4 I got everything they offer that I want.  Kinda reaching that point already…

The bounty Hunter, trapper and treasure Hunter is really a make or break.

On the plus side I've started to get Free room invites while defensive

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I love the new update.   It has almost everything I have been asking for.  New missions, new encounters, new random events, more animals in the world, more NPC interactions, new stranger missions, new items, bug fixes (Horse bonding) (Now, fix Walk Styles resetting and weight issues) and so much more!  

... and Poker!


I still want more to do with camps. (We should be allowed a dog to guard our camps)  More to do with hunting and crafting.  House ownership. And so on.

But, the world finally feels alive again!  

Can't wait to log back in!

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