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Had a near perfect night of game play.


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There always seems to be enough grumbling about this or that in the game.  Last night, I enjoyed a nearly perfect evening so, I thought I would share. 

I spawned into Saint Denis without much thought about what the night would hold, except I knew I had a brand new treasure map that I had just won upon turning 80.  My only real goal for the evening was to take it easy and go collect on the treasure.  So, I spawn in, head over to the Mail Station to pick up my catalog purchases and stock up on ammo, etc. when suddenly...


I've seen this movie before, so I jump on my horse immediately and head straight out of town, in the opposite direction from the bright red dot and at full speed.  I get caught in the marshes and the assassin is eventually able to catch up to me with about 2 minutes left on the timer.  He fires at me while riding at full speed and misses.  Then I hit a fallen log on the side of the road and go head first into the dirt. He's got me, dead to rights. As I am slowly picking myself back up, he's right on top of me.  And then foolishly, he decides to lasso me instead of just shoot me dead.  I break the lasso immediately, ignore the horse, and make like I am going to take off running by jumping into the trees and bushes beside the road.  His second mistake, he takes the bait and rides full ahead into the trees and brush behind me.  Only, I'm not really running.  I've drawn both sawed off shotguns and he rides right into them.  Bang, Bang, Dead. I see him respawn and head back in my direction, but by then, I am long gone and he's out of time. Victory. 

So, back to my treasure hunt... it's half way across the country, now.  Off I go.   Only, there's a poker game going on in Flatneck Station which is on my rout.  So, I might as well stop in and play a few hands.  First couple, I lose a little or fold out.  Then I get a great Hand, Aces over Kings, same suit.  I win the big pot and and have almost 40 dollars on the table.  Settle up. Take my leave with a smile and head out back for treasure.  Victory.

I finally get to the area where the treasure is supposed to be and there's a random encounter there.  A young lady's horse has died, stranding her in the desert.  Of course, I offer to help.  It's an ambush! I have to fight my way clear of a a couple of dozen attackers in 2-3 waves. But they're no match for me and I enjoy looting each and every one. Victory.

I finally get to the treasure and discover $150 bucks plus a few trinkets.  Victory!

As I am riding out, the young lady from before is back. Same dead horse.  Same sob story.  Only this time, she isn't playing me and really needs a ride. So, I take her to meet her brother at the Fort, drop her off and collect the reward. Victory.

I thought about playing a bit more, but it was a work night and everything had been so much fun and had worked out in my favor at every turn, so I just took it as a "perfect evening" that didn't need me hanging around to get spoiled.  And I logged out, very happy with my evening adventure. 

I thoroughly enjoyed the night.  I hope my little tale didn't bore anyone too much and if you read this far, thank you.  I hope you guys all have great nights like these as well, just not when you're coming after me.  :)





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