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Are We Looking At Another Red Dead Redemption 2 Delay?


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We’re just about halfway through January and Red Dead Redemption 2’s release window opens in just under three months.

Thing is, at this point in time we’re seeing the exact same thing that preceded the previous delay, and most other delays in the AAA gaming industry. Namely, nothing.


Three months pass by really quickly, especially when you’re looking at it from a corporate point of view. While for a fan that’s three months of waiting, for the devs and publishers that’s three months of crunch time: production, distribution, and performing eldritch incantations in the server room hoping that launch day won’t overload everything (like it almost always does).

While Rockstar’s marketing machine shouldn’t necessarily be in overdrive just yet, it should be running much hotter than it is right now.

Where are the interviews? The previews? The details on the game’s official website? The second trailer that dropped late last year might have seemed like a big deal at the time, but only because of how starved everyone was for info.

Essentially, we’re still in the dark regarding the game’s mechanics and story.

Basically, no-one knows anything, and Rockstar isn’t saying a peep. You can’t base an AAA launch on two vague trailers and a single batch of screenshots. So this means one of two things: either Rockstar will fire up and we’ll be flooded with info in the coming days and weeks, or there is almost certainly going to be another delay.


Pushing Red Dead Redemption 2 to Fall 2018 wouldn’t surprise us at all anymore.

Rockstar are known maximalists, and Take-Two know better than to rush their golden-egg laying hen, lest the egg end up being rotten. Red Dead Redemption 2 is going to be a major launch, the first in over four years from Rockstar, so there is definitely going to be a lot of fanfare around it. However as of now, there is basically none.

In comparison to the marketing that Grand Theft Auto 5 got back in the day, things look especially bleak. Huge billboards, sides of buildings painted with murals, trams covered in liveries, online sites flooded, countless trailers, articles and so on… that was a major marketing push, and we suspect no less effort will be put into the publicity of Red Dead Redemption 2.

Over the past year-and-few-months since the game’s announcement, there have been significantly fewer details revealed about Red Dead Redemption 2 than is typical among AAA games.

While we’re accustomed to Rockstar being more secretive, they’ve been extremely tight-lipped even by their standards.

The last truly notable “event” that occurred was that cross-promo with GTA Online, but even that only revealed what an in-game weapon skin might look like – not exactly major info.


The announcement of the previous delay didn’t exactly happen last minute, but it was still fairly close to the release window that was originally announced.

We’re holding out hope, but we’re also steeling ourselves for the bad news. You shouldn’t be surprised either if the next official announcement regarding the game is yet another delay.

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I hope it doesn't get another delay but I guess there is no point in rushing it out sooner than expected if it isn't finished, would still be disappointing though.

It does make me wonder what the bulk of the development work consists of currently i.e. is it fleshing out the story still, game mechanics, online functionality, etc.

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2 hours ago, YodaMan 3D said:

All I know is the rumors I have heard or read online.  Usually speculation and no hardcore proof.  Still waiting patiently.

That is all we can do until just before/after their next stake/stock-holder do. I hate to say it but my money is on a delay, maybe September/November after all but I'm hoping that the prove me wrong!

When does The Last of Us 2 come dammit!

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These articles regarding the rumors on this subject are all just baseless assumptions at this point until we can get some sort of official stance from R*.  While some speculation can be fun, this is really a waste of time and effort IMO. 

These types of stories do tend to get people's attention though.

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