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How to find 50 stores?


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 this is one of those questions I love to answer (makes me feel somewhat useful) but don't have a great understanding of how I got that buckle.  I was stuck on 49 stores for the longest time but got the 50th a long time ago when I bought drinks in Amarillo.

1.  I think you have to actually visit every store in game... including butchers, doctors, saloons, stables, poker halls, general stores, gunsmith, photo shops, bait shop in the swamp, etc.  (Ie.. their is a barber in Valentine saloon and I think that counts as 2) and that gets you exactly to or close to 50.

2.  I also think you have to buy or sell something in each of them.  (I'm not sure if or what I bought at the photo shops though)

3.  Also think it's buggy like everything else in this game...

I was stuck on 14 fish for the longest time and got the 15th with the long nose gar challenge the other day....I swear I've caught that fish tons of times b4.


It's one of those buckles I just stumbled upon

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Start from one side of the map and work your way over. I was stuck at 49 for the longest time trying to find the last one. Pluck3 is correct...enter every shop- L2 to initiate conversation- back out if you have no business...still counts (no purchase necessary) 

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I’ve got 48 and am just not sure which ones I have missed, so I’m going to have to methodically hit each one in a search grid until I get there.


edit:  got it.  One stable I hadn’t visited and one of those honor/dishonor stops.  Didn’t take too long, maybe twenty minutes, most of it in cinematic mode between stops.

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