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How do you cope



Kean 1 how do you cope everyday reading the same old questions over and over and relying on the game to evolve.i salute you all who perserver with the game and help others.i come back to this forum hoping for some life in the game but we have to be patient.some of us should link up and play.

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When Lonestar asked me if i would like to be a moderator on this forum, I accepted because I felt RDR2.org was a good fan site with a good, friendly, helpful and welcoming community.  Probably the best community in that respect than most any other forum I frequent.  .....and a great staff to boot.  I also liked how they work to promote and maintain that atmosphere.

Personally, I enjoy it.  This is the kind of community I like being a part of.   ....so when you say how do I cope with it, I understand what you mean but I don't see it that way.  It's not a bother to me and we welcome members participation on the forums.  ....as long as folks follow the rules of course.  ;) Being semi-retired also means that I can pop on here throughout the day while I'm doing other things.  

btw, there are other active moderators around here and even Lonestar views these threads, approves new members/posts, catches spam, etc.  Stuff that goes on behind the scenes so to speak.  I guess I just tend post a lot so maybe some folks see more of me but I kinda did that before too.  We all share in the moderation responsibilities though.  

As for the game, it will pick up eventually.  ....and while I may be taking a break right now from RDO, I will pick it back up as I have done in the past.  

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Yeah, this is a great place. Fan-maintained sites may not get the amount of traffic that official ones do, but they make up for it by avoiding the brunt of a given game's negative fanbase whom will breeze on by to the official outlets and crap on everyone that doesn't agree with them with seemingly full impunity because the publisher/developer doesn't want to look like they're censoring negative opinions. So, as a result, I don't have to be in defensive mode all the time while here. And assuming he's figured out who I am by now, Keane has seen me when I get defensive over on the Ubisoft forums.

If topics like these can go more than 10 posts without turning into flame wars, you know you have a winning community.

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