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Maggie's Moonshiner Questing not Loading

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Same here, and I've seen a few other people mention it as well. Happens with moonshine delivery missions as well. (I've had one where I lost the bottles, two where I didn't.)

I even had it with a trade delivery earlier today. Didn't lose that cargo, luckily, that was worth a bit more than the moonshine.

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Yeah, this is a major bug for a lot of people at the moment (including myself, nothing works for me except Moonshiner story missions). Some folks have suggested clearing your cache might work (it didn't for me). I won't be doing another selling mission before this gets fixed because you do lose all your moonshine and progress. Very frustrating.

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I created from the start on a Moonshine shack in the Heartlands. I logged in today and my shack is gone😱 You have to buy a new shack for RDR$ 250,00!! I refused to do so, as I don't know whether this is a repeating issue or not.  I already reported this bug to R*. 

I think, the issue arises if you loggin to my camp and your camp is gone. I logged in again in free roam my camp and shack was back. 

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