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Anyone else having issue with Rock* servers today?


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Howdy Ya'll, first post! 

I've been having a very hard time logging in to RDR2 online today is anyone else having similar issues? For me I've noticed more problems each day since the launch of the Moonshiner DLC (which I think is awesome minus all the glitches/disconnects/server issues etc.) This game is awesome but why so many issues?? Or is it just me? I've erased managed data on xbox, erased NAT, reset xbox-still can't log in!!!! How long do they even test these new dlc's/updates- one go through? I just want to play my favorite game, sigh.

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Since the update, and since Sunday in particular, I've been getting many more "disconnected because of a fault at Rockstar servers" or whatever it says.

I used to get that maybe once or twice a day tops, and not nearly every day, but it's about ten times as often the last few days.

Logging in has been generally fine, but there have been a few times where it took a chunk longer than normal, and also a few times where I got in and got the abovementioned disconnect error within 15 or 20 seconds.

I'm on pc, by the way.


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